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Retirement could easily put you off some group insurance plans. A lot of group insurance plans have stringent requirements that may not really be suitable for you.
With the Canada Protection Insurance Plan’s FollowMe, you can find succor and take care of your health and dental needs even after the expiration of your group insurance benefits.
Canada Protection Plan offers the FollowMe plan through Manulife. This plan provides mouthwatering benefits and it is easy to apply. Furthermore, you will not be asked any medical question when applying for the plan provided you apply within 60 days of your group insurance benefit ending.

Features and Benefits

You can enjoy a number of benefits with the Canada Protection Plan’s FollowMe. Basically, the benefits are grouped into four levels, namely, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and hospital benefits.

  • Several levels of benefits are offered in this plan. These include prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and hospital benefits.
  • Provided you apply 60 days of your group benefit ending, no medical questionnaire will be required during your application.
  • If you have just lost your coverage or will soon be losing your coverage due to retirement, this plan is just perfect for you.
  • This plan is available for individuals, for families and you can even cover your employees with the plan.
  • The FollowMe plan is offered through ManuLife.



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