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Product Overview

Even when hospitalized, you still need to take care of some financial problems. Financial needs of every individual may not be the same. You might need to take care of your children, pets or even pay for a semi-private hospital bed. No matter what your financial needs are, you can take advantage of Canada Protection Plan’s Hospital Cash Benefit to properly manage them. This is a no-medical plan that guarantees substantial benefits. You are guaranteed for a claim in this plan if you are hospitalized for over 24 hours. The benefits included in this plan are a lump sum that can help you take care of several financial needs. You only need to answer a few yes’ or ‘no’ health questions to apply for this plan.

Features and Benefits

Several payment options are available in this plan. You can choose the daily payment for $25, $50 or $100. The plan can pay you daily for the same sickness for up to 90 days and generally 180 days for different injuries and sicknesses.

  • You will be eligible for a benefit if you are hospitalized within 30 days your injury occurred.
  • The injury or sickness must require that you are confined in the hospital for over 24 hours for you to be eligible for a benefit.
  • This insurance plan is provided as a rider for policies like Simplified Elite, Preferred and Preferred Elite.
  • If your base policy is still active until your 70th birthday, your coverage will end on the birthday.
  • The plan includes a daily benefit of $25, $50 and $100.
  • If the insured is confined as an inpatient in a hospital intensive care unit for over 24 hours, his daily benefit amount is guaranteed to automatically double.



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