Pet Insurance

The Expense of Surgery: Why Pet Insurance is Worth the Cost

on 11 Jun, 2019

Did you know that about 68% of households in America have pets? That’s 85 million families. If you’re reading this...

pet insurance coverage Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Coverage: How PetPlan Works to Protect Your Pets

on 31 May, 2019

$2,600. That's the average cost of healthcare you'll pay for your dog in the first year of his or her...

waiting period Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Waiting Period: How Does It Work?

on 24 May, 2019

The pet insurance market surpassed gross premiums of $1 billion by the end of 2017 which signified a 15% rise...

pet insurance for exotic animals Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for Exotic Animals: Everything You Need to Know

on 19 May, 2019

Let’s face it, our pets are our children. We raise them, feed them, bathe them, and most importantly we love...

pet insurance for dogs Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

on 18 May, 2019

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they are priceless. They become the most cherished member of your...

Pet Insurance FAQs Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance FAQs: Going Over the Basics

on 14 May, 2019

We know your pets are part of your family. You want to give them the best care so they stay...

Pet Health Insurance for Cats Pet Insurance

Pet Health Insurance for Cats: Everything You Need to Know

on 10 May, 2019

Are you on the fence about getting health insurance for your cat? They have nine lives, right? Is pet health...

pre-existing conditions Pet Insurance

Pre-Existing Conditions and Pet Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

on 16 May, 2019

Sometimes our furry friends get sick and have health conditions that stick with them for a long time. It can...

pet insurance in canada Pet Insurance

Finding the Truth: The Top Myths About Pet Insurance in Canada, Debunked

on 12 May, 2019

Whether you're a self-professed crazy cat mom or a devoted dog dad, you already know just how special our furry...

pet wellness plans Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance vs Pet Wellness Plans: What’s the Difference?

on 8 May, 2019

More than 8 million Canadian families own at least one dog, cat, or other household pet. Trying to care for...