Insurance Articles

What Is the Insurance Act of Ontario?

Canada is often stereotyped as a calm, quiet place to live where the citizens are law-abiding and polite. Thankfully, this […]

Understanding Third Party Liability Insurance in Canada

Nearly half of all insurance claims filed in Canada each year are third party liability claims. But what is third party liability […]

Temporary Car Insurance

Do you want to be able to pick up everything and travel for six months? Or do you have a […]

What Is a Class 7 License in Canada?

In Canada, there were more than 35.74 million motor vehicles registered in 2019 alone. Of these, light road vehicles, such […]

Care Across Borders: Understanding the Health Insurance Marketplace in Canada vs. the U.S.

Many people believe that Americans move to Canada because they're attracted to the Canadian political system. A different health insurance […]

Health Insurance in Newfoundland: 4 Tips for Putting Together an MCP

While most people in Canady rely on the inter-provincial agreement between providers, moving to Newfoundland is a wakeup call for […]

Health Insurance at 90? Your Guide to Getting a Life Insurance Policy Later in Life

Getting health insurance at 90 is hard enough. If you want to add life insurance to the package, it can […]

Visiting Canada: How the Health Insurance Hotline Can Help You

As nearly half of Canadians report having mental health issues by the age of 40, very few people get an […]

Coverage for Retirees: Getting Health Insurance 65 and Older

It's one thing to dream about everything you want to do when you retire, and another to make sure your […]

General Coverage: The Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Canada

Did you know that insurance premiums in Canada are increasing at a rapid rate? After all, around $65.64 billion worth […]

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