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What You Need to Know About Getting Health Insurance With Great-West Life in Canada

on 28 Dec, 2018

There are many great publicly funded health services available to Canadians. But the fact is, there are many medical needs...

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Health Insurance for Seniors: How to Plan for Retirement in Canada

on 27 Dec, 2018

Are you close to retiring? Canadian health insurance is one of the best there is today. It's cheaper than other...

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Keep the Roof Over Your Head: 7 Reasons Why You Need Mortgage Protection Insurance

on 28 Nov, 2018

According to a study by Experian, 73% of consumers die with debt. And on average, the balance most that's most...

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Home Insurance Safety Tips: How To Prevent House Fires In Ontario

on 4 Nov, 2018

Every year, there are about 24,000 housefires that take place in Canada. They result in nearly 400 deaths and more...

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How Much Does House Insurance Cost in Canada?

on 4 Apr, 2018

On average, house insurance cost in Canada is about 30% cheaper than in the United States. House insurance in the United States...