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Posted on June 16, 2021

Ontario is a beautiful province to go camping in. You've got stunning maple trees showing off their colors, majestic moose swimming in the lakes, and beautiful beavers building their dams. 

With all that natural beauty, it can leave you eager to book your next camping trip. But wait! Where exactly should you go camping? After all, you've got countless campgrounds in Ontario and plenty of beautiful Ontario provincial parks for camping in. 

If you're planning to go camping near Toronto, Ontario, we're here to help. We've put together the locations for the best camping in Ontario so that you don't have to hunt them down. Check out these campsites in Ontario and book the perfect one!

Sibbald Point Beach

One of the first campgrounds that people enjoy near Toronto is Sibbald Point Beach. This is a provincial park that's located near a town named Jackson's point, on the edge of the beautiful Lake Simcoe. It will take you about an hour to get to the park from Toronto. 

The reason people enjoy this lake is because of its beautiful beach. The beach is sandy, wide, and long, making it feel almost as if you've taken a day trip to the ocean. Plus, the water is quite shallow and is relatively warm year-round. That makes it a great vacation spot for families with young kids.

Sibbald Point also boasts a beautiful campground that has 10 loops and 600 campsites total. You can find both non-electric and electric campsites, and all the areas are quite flat. 

People wanting to stick close to the beach can opt for a site on either Butternut or Lakeside loop. However, most of the campsites don't get radio or cellphone service, so plan to be disconnected for the weekend.

Elora Gorge Camping

Another fun vacation spot to check out is Elora Gorge. This area is not for the faint of heart, however, as river rafting and tubing are the main activities in the area. People love to relax in the sun and float down Elora Gorge on their inner tube. 

However, if the tubing isn't your style, don't worry! You can also head over to the Elora Gorge campground's splash pad. This is a fun waterpark designed for young children. Your little ones can splash in the kiddie pools to their heart's content. 

At the campground, you'll find a total of 400 sites. 150 of these sites have both electricity and water, but the other 250 campsites are completely unserviced. Either way, you'll get a beautiful riverside campsite that looks out on the water. 

It's important to note, however, that you won't be able to travel with cannabis or alcohol, as both are prohibited at this park. You aren't allowed to have them at your campsite, either, so make sure to leave those items behind. 

Indian Line Campground

For travelers not wanting to head too far out of Toronto, Indian Line Campground is the perfect destination. In fact, if you don't have a car you can actually reach this campground by taking the UP train. Or, you can hop on the bus routes 511, 11, and 22 to make your way out of the city. 

There is a mix of different campsites at this campground. Some of them offer water, sewer service, and electricity, while others are more primitive. All of the sites are quite open and don't have a lot of shade, so it can get hot during the summer. 

To book a campsite at Indian Line campground, you'll need to choose a site along one of the four loops: 

  1. Poplar Village
  2. Humberview Village
  3. Hill View Village
  4. Finchgate Village

Humberview is the favorite for most campers, as it's located near the playground and the pool. That makes it a great choice for anyone wanting a family getaway with their little ones.

Rockwood Camping

If you enjoy hiking and nature, Rockwood Conservation Area is a good camping spot for you. This area is jam-packed with unique landforms that you can explore to your heart's content. 

A few of the unique landforms you'll find at Rockwood campground include glacial potholes, caves, and limestone cliffs. The gorgeous Eramosa River is also located in this area, letting you get near the water. 

Many people enjoy visiting this area to take advantage of the kayaking and canoeing opportunities. And, since it's only an hour and a half outside Toronto, it's a great choice for a quick weekend getaway. 

Albion Hills Campground

Anyone who loves the outdoors will find heaven in the Albion Hills campground. This area doesn't just offer camping but offers biking and swimming opportunities as well. And, it has over 50 kilometers of hiking and biking trails for campers to enjoy.

Albion Hills is also one of the more modern campgrounds outside Toronto. At this campground, you can enjoy a wash station where you can do your laundry and dishes as well as a space for showers.

You don't have to keep things modern, however. The campground's 234 sites are a mixture of both non-electrical and electrical sites. Choose whichever makes you feel more comfortable and enjoy this laid-back area. 

Plus, the campground is designed for every member of the family. The campground's splash pad and 440-meter pool are both great reasons to bring the family camping here.

Niagara on the lake Camping

One of the more unique campgrounds near Toronto is Niagara-on-the-Lake. This campground is located nearby the stunning Niagara Falls, where you can watch over 3,000 tons of water cascading over the cliffside. 

Plus, the nearby town is Niagara on the Lake, where you can enjoy strolling down the historic streets of the city. In this charming town, you'll find wineries, shopping opportunities, and even the annual Shaw Festival.

Venturing outside of the town and into the provincial park brings you to areas where you can enjoy hiking, jogging, and bike riding. And, the nearby lake is a beautiful place for visitors to simply rest and relax after a busy day exploring the area.

Tobermory Campgrounds

Tobermory Campground is located south of the Tobermory harbor on the top of Bruce Peninsula. It's a quiet campground, but that doesn't mean that there's not plenty to do!

When you visit Tobermory you can enjoy visiting nature centers or joining the main scuba divers, boaters, kayakers, bikers, and even shoppers in the area. With so many different activities available to visitors, it's a great spot to bring the family. 

Tobermory Village Campground offers opportunities for both primitive campers and those who prefer glamping. If you want a site with electrical and water hookups, you can opt for one of the RV sites. Or, you can choose to keep it simple with a tent site. 

Either way, you're bound to fall in love with the flora and fauna of the Bruce Peninsula. Book your visit here and treat the whole family to an adventure nearby Toronto.

Honorable Mentions

Now that you know about the main campgrounds near Toronto, it's time to check out a few honorable mentions, too. These campgrounds are also worth visiting if you have a spare weekend. 

Darlington Camping

Darlington is a campground located on Lake Ontario that offers a variety of hiking opportunities as well as places to go canoeing. The campsites have fire pits and electrical hookups, making them perfect for car campers.

Bronte Creek Camping

If you enjoy shopping, Bronte Creek camping is a great choice. This campground is located near Lakeshore's retail strip mall but is still deep enough into the forest to let you feel like you're going off the grid. Plus, the campground has a big swimming pool and plenty of hiking trails for you to enjoy.

Glen Rouge Campground

Glen Rouge campground is located in Rouge Park, near the eastern side of Toronto. Campers can stay in one of the 100+ campsites in the park and enjoy the area's showers, laundry facilities, hiking trails, and fire pits. This campground is still within Toronto, making it easily accessible for those without a car.

Book a Wilderness Trip and Go Camping Near Toronto

Are you ready to pack your bags and go camping near Toronto? Good choice! There are plenty of amazing locations that you can visit in the area that will give you an unforgettable vacation for the whole family. 

The team at Insurdinary is here to help you get travel insurance for when you decide to go camping outside Canada or outside your province. Be prepared, get a quote today!

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