Bitcoin Rush Review: All The Details

Posted on March 5, 2021

Bitcoin’s price continues to surge at astronomical rates. If you've noticed its growth, you've probably thought about buying Bitcoin too.

But the market can seem too cutthroat and inaccessible for a Bitcoin beginner. Bitcoin beginners could feel that they have a major disadvantage against more seasoned traders.

With Bitcoin Rush, that doesn’t have to be the case. No matter your level of expertise, using Bitcoin Rush's trading software can let you successfully compete within the Bitcoin market.

Take a few minutes to read our Bitcoin Rush review. First, we'll lay out the basics of Bitcoin, and then explain how the Bitcoin Rush can help you dominate this ultra modern financial market.

Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin (BTC) is a form of cryptocurrency created in 2009. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be converted into traditional currencies. When converted, crypto can buy products/services. Users can also trade or invest in cryptocurrency until they decide to liquidate their investments.

Cryptocurrencies use online ledgers to secure transitions. In this case, Bitcoin uses open blockchains, which records data in “blocks” that are “chained” together. Once data completely fills one block, the block is then chained onto the previous block, creating a chronological data chain.

All sorts of information can be stored on a blockchain, but Bitcoin uses blockchains to record transactions. This allows Bitcoin to decentralize transactions so that no entity, whether that be a bank or administrator, can control the trading process. This gives users complete, independent control over their trades.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Traders well-versed in finance and tech have been eyeing the Bitcoin market for years, and for good reason. Even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has invested in Bitcoin, leading many others into investing as well.


Trading software like Bitcoin Rush makes obtaining Bitcoin very easy. There aren’t layers of red tape to go through, which is why it’s easy for even laidback investors to make a profit.


Bitcoin is intensely coded with privacy and protective measures for its users. While blockchains publicly store information about transactions, they do not reveal users' identities.


Bitcoin’s unregulated nature allows users to easily buy, trade, and sell their currency. This lack of regulation prevents roadblocks from letting users access and move their Bitcoin.

Big Returns

The Bitcoin market gives every user a chance to earn big, as long as their trades are well-timed. In February 2021, Bitcoin's price surged. Those that invested $20 in February 2011 would have become millionaires in a decade.

Pitfalls of Bitcoin

Unregulated endeavours come with certain risks. While Bitcoin trading has resulted in monumental success for many investors, some have faced troubles while operating their crypto.


Bitcoin’s unregulated nature produces many benefits. But it can also limit your legal options should anything happen with your crypto. In most cases, you have no legal protection if someone scams or frauds you out of your Bitcoin.


Depending on the state of Bitcoin’s market, traders can become rich or destitute in a matter of hours. Although Bitcoin has experienced huge net growth since its creation, its value still depends on traders’ demand. Bad or good press about Bitcoin could heavily affect its price.


If your account gets hacked and your Bitcoin gets stolen, there’s not much you can do about it. Since no one’s regulating Bitcoin transactions, they can’t be traced or reversed.

How to Trade Bitcoin

Here are the three main steps to Bitcoin trading. This process is so approachable that any laymen trader can make a sizable investment.

1. Open an Account

This is easy — all you need to do is make an account on Bitcoin exchange software. With a program like Bitcoin Rush, doing so will provide you with a personal, regulated broker that will guide you through the initial trading process. 

2. Deposit Funds

To start trading, you need to provide funds for an exchange. With Bitcoin Rush, investors need to give an initial deposit of $250.

This deposit isn’t a fee to pay the program. Instead, it’s the minimum amount needed to start trading and gain an exponential return.

3. Start Trading

After making their deposit, new investors can familiarize themselves with the program. When they're ready, they can toggle on Bitcoin Rush’s live trading feature.

Bitcoin Rush then takes over the trading process. The software’s advanced trading algorithms automatically make decisions on the traders’ behalf. Users can go to sleep while the software makes profitable trade choices, and only need to check in every day for a few minutes to view their trading progress.

About Bitcoin Rush

We’ve explained how new investors can use Bitcoin Rush to start trading. But what does Bitcoin Rush do on their end to enact quality trading results?

According to Bitcoin Rush, their algorithm uses two types of data — qualitative and quantitative. By analyzing the Bitcoin market and its trading prospects, the algorithm combines conceptual observation with technical calculation to make precise, nuanced trading decisions. The program can also apparently scan the news to predict Bitcoin demand. All this information is incorporated into Bitcoin Rush's trading strategy.

The program is well-reputed for the accuracy of its predictions, which are said to be more accurate than human trading predictions. Of course, those that prefer to trade manually can do so, but Bitcoin Rush’s automatic trading option allows novice traders to easily succeed in their trades.

You can even invest in cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. If you want to expand your investments into other cryptocurrency markets, you can take advantage of Bitcoin Rush’s technology and extend your trading reach.

Bitcoin Rush vs. Other Trading Programs

Although there are numerous crypto trading platforms for users to choose from, Bitcoin Rush is a standout program. While other programs share many of Bitcoin Rush's core features, Bitcoin Rush has enhanced their services to provide top-notch trading services.

First impressions are important, and Bitcoin Rush is easy to navigate and use. There’s even a Bitcoin Rush app to easily check your investments. Other software programs typically have inaccessible layouts that are difficult for users to navigate.

Other platforms could also require long, tedious verification processes before investors can start trading. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Rush's convenient registration process only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Programs competing with Bitcoin Rush may also incur hidden fees. But Bitcoin Rush only requires an initial trading deposit upon registration.

As opposed to most other crypto trading platforms, Bitcoin Rush offers quick and timely 24/7 customer service operated by a team of trading and crypto market experts. These experts offer quick and helpful responses through live chat or email. This service is available to anyone, regardless of time zone or location.

Investors also rely on Bitcoin Rush for its dependability. Unlike other automated trading systems that often make weak trading decisions, Bitcoin's success rate is 80%+.

While other programs require traders to put in a lot more money to start trading, Bitcoin only asks for around $200. Again, this isn’t to profit the program, but rather so that the trader makes a sizable initial investment. This amount allows the trader to earn a great deal in return.

Potential Risks of Bitcoin Rush

The risks associated with Bitcoin Rush do not originate with the program. Bitcoin Rush makes optimal trading decisions, but only as possible as the general Bitcoin market allows. The market’s erraticism and unpredictability affect any software facilitating Bitcoin usage.

Crypto Wallets

Like traditional currencies such as CAD, users of Bitcoin need a place to store their crypto. Since Bitcoin units are digital, they’re “stored” in digital software programs called crypto wallets.

Bitcoin technically isn’t stored. Instead, crypto wallets contain the software necessary to interact with blockchains. Users are provided two keys to access their Bitcoin address — a public key and a private key.

Your private key is what allows you to access and use your funds. Keep this key to yourself and use it to sign off on transactions. It will also allow you to prove your ownership of the public key.

The public key records that you’re the user sending or receiving funds. Use your public key for the deal as it will link to your anonymous private key.

Wallet Types

There are various types of crypto wallets for different users’ needs. There are quite a few varieties, but understanding the main subtypes can help you learn which ones suit your needs. First, understand the difference between hot and cold wallets.

“Hot” wallets require an Internet connection for access. Although they're easier to use and set up, they're also more susceptible to online hacking.

“Cold” wallets are not connected to the Internet and use physical media to store keys. They’re not as user-friendly as hot wallets, but they’re much safer. For long-term traders, cold wallets are the way to go.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are cold wallets that use physical media to store crypto keys. The type of hardware wallet users purchase affects the kind of physical device it comes in.

To access your funds, plug your wallet into your computer and use accompanying desktop apps to open up the program. They’re pricey and can cost over $100, but they’re fairly secure. Just make sure you install the firmware correctly to prevent security leaks.

Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are pieces of paper with printed QR codes that lead to crypto addresses and their private keys. After scanning their QR code, users can facilitate their crypto transactions.

Paper wallets can be either hot or cold. Certain wallets allow users to download their code offline, resulting in tighter security.

These wallets are unideal for most users. Users can transfer out the wallet's entire balance, but cannot transfer out just a part of their balance. This can result in users jumping transfers around different wallets, a tedious and untimely process.

Software Wallet

Most software wallets are hot wallets requiring an Internet connection. They're installed in digital software packs and require high-security anti-virus programs to prevent hacking.

Cashing Out Your Bitcoin

If you feel as if it’s time to turn your Bitcoin into a physical dollars, then you need either a broker that will facilitate the withdrawal or a peer to buy your Bitcoin from you.

Instant Broker Method

There are multiple broker methods available, but this version is most popular especially with beginner traders. Other broker methods may require more expertise on the traders’ part, so consider this option first if you’re a novice.

Bitcoin Rush can not only trade for Bitcoin but also function as a broker. You can request a fiat currency withdrawal from Bitcoin Rush who will quickly advance the transfer to your bank account. With Bitcoin Rush, this takes 24 hours as opposed to other programs’ 1-5 day waiting times.

Your bank might charge a withdrawal fee, so be sure to check in with them before you withdraw your funds. If you plan on trading crypto long-term, consider switching to a more secure bank such as Tangerine Bank to ensure that your withdrawals happen without a hitch.

Peer-to-Peer Method

You can also use peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges to sell your Bitcoin. These can be done with or without established peer-to-peer platforms.

P2P exchanges allow users to sell Bitcoin faster and more anonymously. But although quicker and potentially more profitable, this method is also riskier.

The anonymity afforded by P2P exchanges creates a better chance for fraudsters to steal your Bitcoin. Again, you can never get your Bitcoin back once it’s out of your crypto wallet. If you decide to use a P2P platform, make sure you use one with tight security measures to prevent fraud.

Start Trading Today, Make a Profit Tomorrow

Your ability to make a profit with Bitcoin doesn’t depend on tech or financial expertise. With Bitcoin Rush, all you need is the drive to make a killing.

Of course, when you withdraw and convert your Bitcoin into cash dollars, you want to manage your usable currency efficiently.

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