Top 5 Best Places to Live in Nova Scotia

Posted on August 31, 2021

Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, home to the Bay of Fundy, delicious seafood, and charming towns and cities. As people look to escape the high prices of big-city life, more and more people are turning to Nova Scotia for their new homes. In fact, they've seen their largest increase in migration since the 1980s just this year! 

One of the four Atlantic provinces to the east, you may not know a lot about the best cities in Nova Scotia. That's where we come in. Without further ado, here are the best cities to live in Nova Scotia!

Halifax view

Halifax, NS

As the capital and largest city of the province, it just makes sense to consider Halifax if you're moving to Nova Scotia. Halifax is steeped in maritime history, and most residents advise you to take a walking tour of the city - you never know what you might happen upon!

History aside, there is a rich local life, amazing seafood to be had from the Seaport Farmers Market, and outdoor culture with public parks and beaches. It does get cold and wet here, but it is still one of the warmer areas of Canada with an average daily high of 11C. But you probably want to know the statistics the most, so let's take a look at those. 

Important Facts

The main employer in Halifax is the government and the median household income averages around $73,213 per year.

With a population of 316,000, they maintain a steady growth rate of about 1% a year with a 5% unemployment rate. Halifax real estate is on the rise (as it is seemingly everywhere in Canada) and rent starts at around $1,215. Crime rates are 7% lower than the national average. 

Cape Breton Nova Scotia landscape

Cape Breton, NS

As the second-largest city in Nova Scotia, it also functions as its economic hub. It's also regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful and enjoyable island destinations in North America. There are tons of outdoor adventures on offer from coastal boating to cycling through dramatic landscapes. 

French history, Gaelic revival, and deep cultural heritage with five First Nations Communities - Cape Breton is a place to stay, not just to visit. Known for its safety and great local life, Cape Breton enjoys the slightly warmer weather of all towns in Nova Scotia but being coastal gets highly varied weather that changes throughout the day. 

Important Facts

Coal mining is the current main occupation of most residents, and the median household income comes in at around $58,000 a year. With a population of 132,000, unemployment is around 7.7%.

You can expect rent to come in at around $1000 per month. The crime rate is very low at 23% lower than the Nova Scotia average

Lunenburg Nova Scotia landscape

Lunenburg, NS

One of the prettiest towns in Nova Scotia, Lunenburg is all about that relaxed way of life. Enjoy the village lifestyle with all basic amenities in easy walking distance. Dedicated to the arts, Lunenburg is vibrant and something is always happening. 

Lunenburg is one of the more rainy places to live, with 1556mm annually, and is one of the warmer areas even in Nova Scotia. So enjoy a lovely meal with a view of sailboats on the regular in Lunenburg! 

Important Facts

Lunenburg has diverse employment opportunities, having become attractive to film industries in recent years and its focus on the arts. The median household income is higher than the provincial average at $58,624 per year. With a population of over 25,000, unemployment is 8.3%. 

You can expect rent to come in at $900 a month. The crime rate is 32% lower than the national average.

New Glasgow Nova Scotia landscape

New Glasgow, NS

As the commercial hub of northeastern Nova Scotia, this town has many large stores you would not necessarily expect of a town of just 9,000. This area is perfect for people who are looking for a mix of countryside charm and village life.

By virtue of being settled along a river, New Glasgow has an array of popular trails and outdoor water activities. New Glasgow is colder and rainier than many of the other places on this list, with an average annual temperature of 7C. But, it's easy to keep yourself warm in one of the many seafood restaurants that call New Glasgow home. 

Important Facts

The median household income is $58,642, and New Glasgow has an unemployment rate of 5.7% (12% lower than the national average). You can expect rent to come in around $900 a month. The crime rate is unfortunately rather high and has been increasing in the past few years. 

Kings Subd Nova Scotia landscape

Kings Subd. B, NS 

Most of the economy revolves around agriculture as one of the great producers of wine in the region. It's a fun marine environment where you can go seal watching or walk along one of the lovely beaches alongside the river. 

It is one of the colder areas of Nova Scotia at around 7C on average. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself at the many restaurants and pubs in the area. If you're interested in Common Law, it's important to know the details in Nova Scotia - they could be different from where you are! 

Important Facts

The subdivision of Kings Subd. B has about 12,500 residents and the median income is somewhat higher than Kings Subd. A at around $67,000 a year. Rent typically comes in at around $745 a month. The crime rate is quite low, 23% lower than the national average. 

Best Cities to Live in Nova Scotia: Where Are You Headed? 

Now that you have an idea of the best cities to live in Nova Scotia, it's time to consider some other factors. Are you fully prepared for your move? One thing many people tend to forget about is their mortgage options for their new local.

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