Top 5 Best Places to Live in BC

Posted on August 25, 2021

More and more people are moving to British Columbia with every passing year. Are you ready to take the leap and make the move? But you're probably wondering where exactly you should go. 

That's why we've compiled this awesome list of all the best cities to live in British Columbia! Keep reading to find out where your next destination is. 

Fort St John BC landscape

Fort St. John, BC

With an economy driven by gas and oil production, it's not surprising that there is no shortage of jobs here. But that's not all there is to life in Fort St. John.

In particular, the town prides itself on its easy access to nature - trails, city parks, outdoor exercise equipment and more abound. Despite the small population, there are fun community events like ice skating. 

Important Facts

Fort St. John is a town of over 20,000 people with a median income of over $119,000 which is significantly higher than the national average. The unemployment rate is only 3.9%. The average rent in the city is approximately $882 for a one-bedroom, not including utilities. 

However, Fort St. John does have a rather high crime rate despite the fact that it has been declining in the past five years. It is typically cold and temperate with a fair amount of constant rain throughout the year and the average temperature is 2C.

Whistler BC landscape

Whistler, BC 

Everyone knows Whistler is a resort town, and if you move here you'd be on vacation all the time! There's no shortage of winter activities here, from snowboarding to alpine skiing. In the summer you can expect great mountain biking and camping opportunities. 

As a tourist skiing Mecca, it can occasionally feel overrun. But with so much to do it's easy to get just out of town to something less busy like the beautiful lakes. Of course, there are also tons of high-class dining establishments to get your food fix. 

Important Facts

For a town of just 13,000, the average income is quite high at $116,362 a year. The unemployment rate is holding steady at around 4.3%. In terms of rent, the average cost is high, as it is a resort town, at over $2,000 a month for a one-bedroom. 

Again, Whistler has a fairly high crime rate for its small population. Similar to Fort St. John, the climate is cold, temperate, and wet, coming in only slightly warmer with an average temperate of 2.5C. 

Delta BC landscape

Delta, BC

A town settled alongside a river, Delta is a great place to live for a variety of working opportunities. Just outside of Vancouver with a quiet and residential feel, Delta still doesn't lack the amenities of a larger city with a good road and public transport system. 

And, of course, it's beautiful with many quaint walking and cycling paths for the sporty people among you. Great shopping and food are there to occupy everyone else! 

Important Facts

Delta is one of the larger cities in British Columbia (outside of Vancouver) with around 110,000 people. The median income is $114,588 and the unemployment rate is also 4.3% - low compared to the national average. When it comes to renting you can expect a one-bedroom to set you back $1500 a month. 

Delta's crime rates are generally below the national average. The climate in Delta is very different from the previous two towns and is quite sunny and relatively dry. Its winters are some of the mildest in all of Canada, so if you're looking to stay warm this is the place for you! 

Nelson BC landscape

Nelson, BC

Nelson won't make it onto most lists because it's small. But that's exactly why some of you might just love it here. The laid-back lifestyle here leaves room for the enjoyment of incredible scenery. And you won't have to sacrifice great food and things to do, either. 

With the eclectic mix of farmers and hippies that call this area home, community culture is easy to slide into. Tons of opportunities for outdoor activities and watersports will have you forgetting why you thought the city was so good! 

Important Facts

Nelson has a small population of just below 11,000 and the median income stands at $104,554 a year. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country at just 3.2%. For rent, expect a somewhat pricey monthly average of $1,200 for a one-bedroom - real estate prices have been rising across Canada for quite some time. 

Nelson has a fairly high crime rate for all but violent crime, where it is below the national average. When it comes to climate, expect high amounts of rainfall and an average annual temperature of 3.8C. 

Squamish BC landscape

Squamish, BC

A growing town, Squamish is on the youthful side with a dash of calm. Beautiful mountain scenery and friendly people make Squamish an excellent choice for those looking to escape the high costs of city living. 

Local history museums, kid-friendly parks, and of course amazing hiking provides fun for all ages and interests. Make sure you are prepared for moving out of the big city and all of your financial choices! 

Important Facts  

Squamish has a population of 21,000 people with an average income of $108,238. Unemployment is also low here, at only 4.3%. Average rent is quite high at just below $1,700 per month for a one-bedroom in the centre of town.

While Squamish matches the national average for violent crime, other crime is fairly high. For climate, Squamish is moderately coastal in something of as Goldilocks zone - never too hot or cold and with a reasonable amount of rainfall at 213cm per annum. 

What to Know Before Moving 

When you are thinking about moving to one of the best cities to live in British Columbia, there can be a lot of things on your plate. So don't forget about insurance and mortgages, one of the most important factors in moving. But don't get stressed! 

That's where we at Insurdinary can help! Compare rates and save time while also receiving the best prices. Take one thing off your to-do list and ask us for a quick quote today! 

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