Your FAQs About National Rent a Car's Emerald Club Aisle Service

Posted on January 23, 2021

Nothing beats the new car smell. Well, maybe customer service does. 

National Rent a Car is one of North America's leading rental car services. They provide premium vehicles at affordable prices. Nearly all major airports feature National car rental aisles, so you can use their service wherever you go. 

To expedite the rental process, National has introduced the Emerald Club Aisle Service. But even experienced travelers don't know much about it. Once you do, you can hit the road in no time. 

Here is a quick guide to the Aisle Service. 

What Is the Emerald Club Aisle Service? 

The Emerald Club is National's premium service. Members receive special privileges and benefits, especially if they are frequent renters. 

Members earn one credit for every rental. When they have seven credits, they earn one free rental day.

Emerald Club members receive expedited checkouts, checking their car out through a mobile app. They can check their car in with an email receipt.  

Members reserve a midsize car online or on the mobile app. When they arrive, they go directly to the Aisle. They can choose any make, model, and color of a midsize car. 

The keys are in the ignition, so the Emerald member can drive off right away. There is no need to go to the desk or sign paperwork. 

You have a wide variety of choices in the Emerald Aisle. You can choose midsize and fullsize vehicles. 

The Toyota Corolla is the most common midsize car, while the Ford Fusion is the most common fullsize model. You can pick a Toyota RAV4 if you want a Midsize SUV. 

For a Standard option, you can pick a Chrysler 200. If you want to drive a hybrid car, you can drive a Toyota Prius. 

Advantages of the Aisle Service

The Aisle Service has many advantages over National's standard services. You will have a much faster rental process.

You don't have to wait in line or check-in with someone else. You can walk onto the Aisle and drive off the lot in just a few minutes. You can drop the car off with an email. 

National provides Arrival Alerts and Return Alerts. This informs you about when and where to drop your car off. You can receive updates on your order, and you can get the terms and conditions through emails. 

As an Emerald member, you will never pay second-driver fees. When someone else in your household or business does the driving, you won't pay extra. 

If you are an Executive Elite-level member, you can receive guarantees on your vehicle. With just 24 hours' notice, you can get a car delivered to you in the United States and Canada.

Airports in more than fifty countries recognize the Emerald Club. You can travel nearly everywhere in the United States and Canada and receive National Rent-A-Car services. 

The Aisle Service operates out of the United States and Canada. Most major airports feature the Aisle Service, including LaGuardia, LAX, and Hartsfield-Jackson. Cleveland Hopkins, Boston Logan, and Chicago O'Hare also have the Aisle Service.

You can travel across the American-Canadian border and use the Aisle Service in the other country. Canadian airports with the Aisle Service include Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International. 

You can upgrade your car at more than 50 airports. Check the status of the airport you are flying into before making a purchase. 

Delivery of rental cars is available for most private airports within 50 miles of a National office. If the airport is too distant, delivery is not available. 

Though the Aisle Service is not available outside North America, you can still receive Emerald Club benefits. You can still receive credits toward a free rental day and cheaper upgrades. 

Emerald Club Membership Levels

The Emerald Club has several divisions for very frequent renters. Executive status is for customers who rent 12 National cars in any given year or rent for 40 or more days. They earn a free rental day in six credits, and they receive guaranteed upgrades. 

Executive Elite status is for customers who rent 25 cars or who rent for 85 or more days. They can receive a car at a private airport and upgrades in Europe.

Executive-level members can choose a Fullsize car at the price of a Midsize one. Any Emerald member can upgrade to a high-end vehicle, like a luxury SUV. 

Emerald Club Profile

Your profile contains your personal information. You need a valid driver's license and credit card to rent a car from National. Your profile will contain this information to speed your rental process up. 

Your Emerald Club profile stores free days and other benefits. You can log in through National's website and track your benefits there. You can also list a Corporate Contract ID, which sends bills to your company. 

You can update your credit card information online. You will need to call Member Services to change the name on your profile. 

You cannot share your profile with another person. But you can transfer your free days to another account if that person lives at your address. Contact Member Services and provide their contact information. 

Where Can I Sign up for the Emerald Club? 

The Emerald Club is free to join. Rent from National and create a profile on their website. 

You can enroll in the Emerald Club through online portals. You will need a valid ID to be able to enroll. You will also need to be older than 21. 

Emerald Club Log In

To log in through the website, type in your username and password into the boxes. If you don't know your username or password, request a password reset email. 

If you receive the message, "Renter not found," your enrollment was not completed. You can complete your enrollment through a link in the email. 

To log in through the app, download the app onto your phone. Open the app and type in your account name and password. You can track your rental information and make purchases from there. 

The Perks of Emerald Club Car Rental

Standard members of National Rent a Car receive good services at affordable prices. But for the best rent a car services around, you should sign up for the Emerald Club Aisle Service. 

Emerald Club provides many benefits to its members, including free rental days. The Aisle Service lets you rent a car with three easy steps. You place an order online, arrive at the office, and walk up to your car. 

The more you rent, the more benefits you receive. The Emerald Club works at airports all over the United States and Canada.

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