The Canadian's In-Depth Guide to Green Shield Health Insurance

Posted on September 28, 2018

In 2010, private insurance and out-of-pocket health expenditures totaled over $56 billion. That's 30% of that year's total health care spending.

Although Canadians enjoy a free health care system, the private sector still plays a big role in financing health services. In fact, almost 70% of Canadians supplement their healthcare with private insurance.

Green Shield Health Insurance has been providing private insurance and employer-sponsored plans to Canadians for decades. They can help cover the costs of things like prescriptions, vision care, and dental treatments.

Whether you're looking for more information on your employer plan or you're thinking about supplementing your healthcare with private insurance, Green Shield Health Insurance has a plan right for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Who Is Green Shield Health Insurance?

Green Shield Health Insurance was established in 1957. For over 60 years, they've been providing employee group health benefits to both large and small Canadian companies. In the last 20 years, they've developed private health insurance plans to private individuals.

Green Shield Health Insurance lives and breathes healthcare and dental plans of all kinds. They're the only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialists in the whole country. They're experts at administering claims and providing innovative health insurance solutions.

What is the Cost of Green Shield Health Insurance?

The cost of Green Shield depends on the benefits you desire and the plan that you choose. But Green Shield offers some of the most flexible plan options at prices that are affordable for any budget. This is because Green Shield combines specialist knowledge and innovative technology that saves costs - those savings are then passed onto you.

You may also qualify for tax rebates through Green Shield. Individuals who are self-employed, as well as small business owners, may be able to claim their premiums as a non-taxable benefit. And even if you fall outside this category, the premium you pay may qualify for a tax credit.

What Services Does Green Shield Health Insurance Offer?

Being around since the 1950's means that Green Shield has seen it all - and helped. Their customer service call center support helps plan members access the information they need. And they do so quickly, easily, and with a friendly demeanor.

But let's face it, things have changed and we don't always have the time to make a phone call. That's why Green Shield has developed an app. Download GSC on the Go to your tablet or phone and used to submit claims, find health providers, and access your plan.

If you prefer to manage your health and dental insurance online, GSC has you covered there, too. Their Change4Life health management portal is intuitive and easy to use.

Change4Life goes beyond giving you access to your plan information. It offers tips and trackers to help you maintain your health and well being. It also has a points system that you can use toward rewards.

Green Shield Health Insurance Plans

Green Shield Health Insurance has provided employer benefit plans for decades. The extent of these plans, including benefit eligibility/entitlement, dollar maximums, and frequency limitations, are unique to every employer. What's included in your plan is in your master contract.

If you're leaving your group benefits plan, Green Shield Health Insurance can help you access health and dental coverage. If you apply within 60 days of losing coverage, you're almost guaranteed to qualify for a conversion plan.

Conversion plans can be purchased in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. SureHealth. This is a direct-to-consumer option for personal health and dental coverage. In a wide variety of options, these plans are sold directly to you from Green Health Insurance.
  2. Advisors. An advisor can help you choose a plan that's suited specifically for your health and dental needs.

What Are Green Shield Benefits?

Your provincial health plan allows you to freely access the very basics in health care. But specialized and unexpected medical needs require supplemental private insurance to be affordable.

Green Shield Health Insurance offers a variety of plans to suit your needs:

  • Dental, Drug and Extended Health Benefits
  • Traditional and Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Care Spending Accounts
  • Personal Spending Accounts
  • Employee Assistance Programs

In order to apply, you must be a resident of Canada. You must provide proof that you're covered by your provincial health care plan.

How Does Payment Work?

Whether you have private coverage or you're covered through your employer, your benefit booklet can tell you about your plan and what's covered. You can also check the app, website, or call customer support.

To submit a claim, ensure that you include the name and signature of the plan member and the name of the patient. You'll also need to include your ID Number and a receipt for the claim that you're making. In order to be covered, claims have to be submitted within 12 months of the service provided.

Once received by Green Shield Health Insurance, claim are processed within 4 business days. To receive your payment quickly, you can sign up for direct deposit online. You can also choose to receive checks, but that takes a little longer.

Alternatively, you can set it up so that Green Shield Health Insurance pays your health service provider directly. Speak to your provider about setting up direct payments. You can avoid claims forms, mailing, and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Last but not least, if your treatment is expected to be more than $300, you should contact Green Shield Health Insurance directly. This gives them time to review your treatment plan and let you know how much you'll be covered for.

Is Your Provincial Healthcare Enough?

Your provincial health care plan provides the minimum coverage for your health needs. But what happens when you have medical expenses that aren't covered by your free healthcare? Whether you need dental insurance, vision care, travel insurance, or anything that falls outside your plan, Green Shield Health Insurance has a plan that's right for you.

To learn more about your insurance options for all facets of life, check out our blog.

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