Credit Card 101 Articles

Air Miles Points: How It Work?

Did you know every single flight you take can have an extra value? It's true! Every single purchase you make […]

Crypto Credit Cards in Canada

Did you know that the Cryptocurrency Visa Card was available in Canada before the end of 2020?  The Canadian market saw the […]

The Difference Between Mastercard and Visa: Answering Your Questions

Which is better? Mastercard or Visa? Have you been asking yourself this age-old question lately? Trying to sort out the […]

It’s in Your Best Interest to Try Out This Credit Card Interest Calculator

Have you noticed your credit card bill going up over the past few months? Would you like to lower it […]

Credit Cards With No Foreign Exchange Fees in Canada: A Guide

Did you know that, according to Loans Canada, the number of credit cards in circulation in Canada went up from […]

Credit Cards for Bad Credit in Canada

If you have bad credit, it likely means your credit score is on the low side as well. Your credit […]

5 Reasons You Might Need a Canada Post Prepaid Visa

A Canadian Post Office is where you go to pick up packages, send mail, and complain about your local postal […]

Your Guide to the Best RBC Credit Cards

Every Canadian has heard of or even dealt with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) at some point in their […]

Building Credit with a Credit Card

There are more than 364 million credit card accounts in the United States. According to the American banking association, the […]

What is an Annual Fee on a Credit Card? Is it Worth It?

As of 2016, Canada had over 43 million credit cards in use. That number has been trending upwards over the […]

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