Common Law Guide Articles

The Guide to Being Common Law in Canada

Of all adults in Canada between the ages of 25-64, there are 65% in traditional marriage and 15% in a […]

Understanding Common Law in Nunavut

In Canada, a common law partnership is a legally recognized union of two people who cohabitate but are not married. Common […]

Understanding Common Law in Yukon Territories

Common law in Yukon Territories is a partnership between two people who are in a conjugal relationship and have lived […]

Understanding Common Law in Northwest Territories

Common is law is one of the most difficult pieces of legislation to understand. However, it's very common. In Canada, […]

Understanding Common Law in New Brunswick

The percent of couples with a common law status in Canada has steadily grown over the years. In 2016, the […]

Understanding Common Law in Newfoundland and Labrador

According to the 2016 census, 17.0% of those living as a couple are common law in Newfoundland and Labrador. When […]

Understanding Common Law Partnerships in Manitoba

In a battle between common law vs. marriage, common law is winning. The younger generation is tending to move in […]

Understanding Common Law Relationships in PEI

Prince Edward Island has one of the smallest populations of common law couples in Canada, but these relationships are treated […]

Understanding Common Law in Nova Scotia

Are you and your partner looking to become common law in Nova Scotia? You are not the only one! Common […]

Let's Talk Common Law in Saskatchewan

If you were asked to describe common law vs. marriage, would you know the difference? Many don't, and this can […]

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