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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Secure Your Mortgage In The Event of Death with Sun Life Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Death and other unfortunate events could make it very difficult for you to pay off your mortgage. Unfortunate death could put your loved ones at great risks, especially in a mortgage payment. No sane person plans to die but it is necessary to plan adequately for unforeseen events. Mortgage protection term life insurance is designed to help you achieve this.

Mortgage Protection Term life insurance is a flexible and affordable insurance plan. The policy provides a way for the insured to leave a legacy and financial provision for his loved ones that could be used in taking care of several expenses such as a mortgage in the event of your death. It is a robust plan that includes the benefits and features of both mortgage protection insurance and term life insurance.

What Mortgage Protection Term Life Insurance Offers

Mortgage protection term life insurance is a temporary solution to cover your mortgage and even business loan. You are at liberty to choose an option either for a single person, a couple or a family. In each of these options, mortgage insurance provides a comprehensive insurance coverage that will meet your needs.

  • This plan can serve the need of a single individual, a couple and a family.
  • The mortgage can be used by your beneficiary to pay off mortgage and cater for your children in school
  • You can also cover your children with the plan and hence protect their future.
  • You may get some of your premiums back when you cancel the policy, however, this depends on the terms of your policy.
  • You can easily change the amount or type of your coverage. You can also convert the coverage to a more permanent one.

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