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Protect your Mortgage when you Ill

Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest investments a person can make but unexpected conditions such as illness can make it truly difficult to go on with your mortgage. With the mortgage protection critical illness insurance package, you can continue on your mortgage payment irrespective of any illness. The critical illness plan of the mortgage protection coverage allows you to access the features available in critical illness insurance. It literally combines two insurance packages under one name: critical illness and mortgage protection insurance.

Features and Benefits

The mortgage protection critical illness plan is designed to meet the purpose of a single individual, a couple and a family. In case of a family, the plan will help to replace the lost wage incurred by taking time off work to cater for a member of the family that falls ill.

  • It can serve the need of a single individual, a couple and a family.
  • Yours is the decision to make on who gets your benefit in the event of death or critical illness.
  • The critical illness plan covers anything you really want as far as critical illness and your mortgage are concerned.
  • You may get some of your premiums back when you cancel the policy, however, this depends on the terms of your policy.
  • You can easily change the amount or type of your coverage. You can also convert the coverage to a more permanent one.



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