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The Right Lifetime Protection

Planning for estate and also taking care of your household needs could be very tedious. The costs could add up and eat deep into your personal savings. However, with a lifetime life protection such as Sun par Accelerator II, you can sufficiently protect yourself and also leave money for your dependents. Sun Par Accelerator II is a robust whole life insurance plan with a guaranteed benefit of being fully paid out in 8 years. It comes with the enhanced insurance dividend option. This means that the dividends credited to your policy are used to purchase a yearly term insurance and also paid-up plan on each policy anniversary.

Features and Benefits

The coverage options for this plan are in three forms which include Single life, Joint first-to-die and Joint last-to-die, premiums to second death. The joint-first-to-die coverage option includes automatic survivor benefit and survivor benefit.

  • The minimum coverage amount is $250,000 and the maximum amount is $15,000,000.
  • You can purchase an enhanced insurance with your yearly dividends.
  • If diagnosed with life-threatening conditions, the insured will receive 50% of his death benefit up to $250,000. This is referred to as Living Benefit.
  • The policy offers guaranteed cash value based on factors such as age, gender, and smoking status.
  • It also offers non-guaranteed cash values that grow your cash values but with tax-preferred benefit.
  • Optional benefits involved in this plan include total disability waiver benefit, owner waiver death benefit, owner waiver disability benefit, owner waiver death and disability benefit and so forth.



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