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Crime Coverage

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Crime Coverage – A Robust Insurance Protection Against Crime in a Business

A business can be exposed to crimes both within and without the organization. Crook employees can devise all means to rip off a business and without adequate scrutiny, such employees may get away with the crime.

With crime coverage provided by the Co-operators, businesses can protect themselves and their services/products against crime.

The crime coverage includes a number of features designed to meet your specific needs. These include the destruction, disappearance and comprehensive dishonesty coverage. Janitorial services can even leverage this protection. For such services, the insurance coverage will protect them where they are legally liable.

What Crime Coverage Protects Against

Businesses can be protected from all kinds of loss with the crime coverage. Loss caused by counterfeit money or money orders, employee dishonesty or loss of securities and money within or without the business premises, can be protected with the crime coverage insurance.

  • With the crime coverage protection, you will have access to the service of Co-operators financial advisors. The service will help you to customize the destruction, comprehensive dishonesty and disappearance coverage to your exact need.
  • The coverage can protect your business from losses due to employee dishonesty, professional fees, deposits forgery, counterfeit money or money orders, loss of securities or money within or without a business premise.
  • Janitorial operators who are legally liable to a property can also be covered by this service on those properties.
  • The service of the financial advisors can also be leveraged to get advice and tips on how to reduce crime in a business.

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