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Buildings, Contents, and Stocks

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Effective Insurance For Your Building, Contents, and Stocks

Buildings, contents, and stocks are some of the most important things in every business. In fact, no business can do without them because they are needed to keep things running. You need effective insurance provided by The Co-operators to protect your business whether you are leasing your building or you have your own building.

The Co-operators business insurance is a broad coverage. For building owners, it includes the cost of the structure, its extension, fittings, and fixtures but for tenants, it covers any improvement you might make on the property. Items or contents inside the building which may include equipment, stock, machinery, and furniture are also covered. You can even further customize your plan by adding protection for flood, earthquake, sewers etc.

Effective Coverage For Your Business Property

You can excellently cover your business property in this plan and make the coverage in such a way that it will suit your business type. Several coverage options are available here such as replacement cost endorsement, bylaw endorsement, earthquake shock endorsement, flood endorsement and others.

  • For actual owners of the building, the policy covers the cost of the structure, its extensions, fixtures, and
  • For tenants, the policy covers the cost of any improvement the tenant makes in the building.
  • The policy can be tailored to your exact requirement by taking advantage of the endorsements available in the plan.
  • You can protect your property against earthquake, flood and your sewer with the earthquake shock, flood and sewer back-up endorsements respectively.
  • Co-operators have local financial advisors readily available to help you understand how best to improve your business and to also design a policy that will be perfect for you.
  • You can protect items inside your building such as your machinery, equipment, stock, and


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