Neither Rain Nor Snow: Does Travel Insurance Cover Inclement Weather?

Posted on July 20, 2019

Every year, 62% of Americans travel away from home to go on vacation. 

There is always this happiness and excitement that comes with traveling, especially for vacation. The feeling of escaping from the routine lifestyle we have been living for months comes with huge relief.

Apart from traveling to go on vacation. We can also travel for other reasons such as business, medical, school, and a whole lot of other reasons. And with that knowledge in mind, we make all the necessary arrangement to ensure we enjoy our trip.

But the thing is, even with all the preparations there are some things that are not under our control.

Those conditions sometimes affect all our traveling plans. One of such is inclement weather, let us be honest, no matter how well we plan the weather is not something we can control.

In fact, the best we can do is to listen to the weather forecast on news tabloids. After that, you make your plans around the information you have.

Travel Insurance for Inclement Weather 

Well, here is another shocker, what if things change the following day and the weather is not favorable anymore? And you have to cancel your trip. That disappointment is very unpleasant.

Not only the disappointment though but also the frustration that comes with it. The stress of having to plan for the trip, losing the ticket money, and the purpose why you are traveling is even defeated.

Apart from bad weather. All your traveling plans can also be canceled as a result of unexpected health issues like injuries and illness. In fact, another reason can be because you lost your baggage.

As unexpected as this event might be sometimes, you can still work your around it by not losing all. The best travel insurance policy can help to mitigate and cover all these unexpected events.

Thus, there are travel insurance policies that can help you to manage the effects of these uncontrollable conditions. Not only will these insurance policies help you to manage these conditions, but it will also help to minimize your financial loss.

There are travel insurance policies you can leverage on to help you take care of whatever unpleasant surprise the weather has in stock.

Bad weather conditions such as a hurricane, winter, storm, heavy snow, high winds, and other conditions can make you lose money. With the right travel insurance policy, you can cut the loss.

Does Travel insurance cover inclement weather?

There are a lot of travel insurance plans out there and these plans vary. When it comes to inclement weather and other there are quite a few insurance coverages you can take advantage of.

Here are some that you may have an interest in for travel insurance

Travel Delay

When traveling all you have in mind is getting to your departure station on time so as not to miss your trip. But after all your preparation, you get the station and get stuck as a result of bad weather.

This is quite understandable because of it neither your fault nor the fault of the transportation company. This delay as a result of bad weather conditions could make you lose the money.

The money you have paid for in a hotel or other forms of expenses you have made ahead of your trip. You can get insurance coverage that will help you take care of the delay and get reimbursed.

To get this benefit make sure you understand the terms of the insurance benefits. This is because most travel insurance policies will only pay for travel delay between 6 to 24 hours. 

Canceled Trip

Inclement weather can make the transportation company cancel a trip.

There are several instances where a flight or bus transportation means had to be canceled. Most are during the winter and hurricane period, where there is no clear vision for the pilot or the driver. Thus, if your trip gets canceled because of bad weather.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption (TCI) insurance covers any form of expenses that the trip cancellation is going to cost you. This coverage reimburses you what your hotel or transportation company would not take care of.

To be sure you get what you are paying for it is important to study the terms of the insurance cover.

Lost Baggage

Sometimes, it is not only when there is bad weather that you need to get a travel insurance coverage. Also, you can get travel insurance that covers your luggage whenever it gets lost or delayed.

There are a lot of travel insured international out there that can help you with this. Imagine traveling, and after you get to your destination, you can't find your luggage.

Well, you do not have to feel confused and stranded. Once you have travel insurance that covers this, you are good to go.

There are travel agencies that pay you back the cost of your lost or misplaced luggage. Do well to check your cruise or airline insurance policies first, they should be able to reimburse you especially when the fault is from them.

Missed Connection and Changed Fees Coverage

In the event where bad weather made you miss your cruise or flight to your destination. There is insurance coverage for missed connection that helps you to cover the expenses required to catch up.

Likewise, when you need to change your cruise because of inclement weather. You can get travel insurance that takes care of the extra cost.

Apart from getting travel insurance coverage because of inclement weather. You could be traveling from one country to another and might fall ill while away. When this happens, it is not guaranteed that your medical insurance will cover you.

But with travel insured international, you can get a full travel insurance package, medical insurance inclusive. Travel health insurance helps to cover any form of expenses that could arise when you fall ill while you are away.

Even in situations of severe illness where there is a need to evacuate you for medical reasons to a hospital. The travel health insurance policy can take of all the expenses for you or for any of your family member.

There are situations where someone gets a travel insurance policy so as to not lose financially in case of bad weather conditions. But sometimes do not get the services they paid for from the insurer.

This can be because of one reason or the other, usually from the client. So, here are some of the reasons why your travel insurance coverage may not cover you.

Failure to Provide Full Documentation for Trip Cancellation

Perhaps, you already booked a ticket to go see your favorite music artiste who is on tour. Then you heard the unfortunate news that your favorite artiste had to cancel the tour because he/she had vocal cords issues.

Your travel insurance may not cover if you only provide your credit card receipt. You have to provide the full information to get reimbursed. Click on this link for more details. 

When an Inclement Weather Is Announced

If you want to travel and you went to get your travel insurance when there is news about a heavy storm.

The travel insurance will not compensate nor cover you at all. This is because the bad weather condition has been announced already.

Thus, the insurer sometimes expects the client to wait until the weather becomes good enough to travel. Travel insurance is only for unforeseen weather conditions.

Not Making Your Claim Early Enough

Whenever there is an issue with your travel plans and you were delayed or your trip got canceled. It is very important that you inform your insurer as soon as possible to make your claim.

This is important because some insurer has placed time limitation to make your claim. Failure to update them on the latest happening within the set time might make you lose your travel insurance benefits for that trip.

Natural Disasters and Terrorism

Whenever there is a natural disaster such as earth, volcanic eruption, or there was an act of terrorist act that took place. Which is quite unfortunate. Some travel insurance policies do not cover this type of unexpected and unforeseen event.

These and so many more reasons can invalidate your travel insurance policies. To know more about what could invalidate your travel insurance policies, click here.

Final Advice

The thing with life, in general, is nobody what is going to happen in the next hour. But we do not have to live in worry when there are ways, we can manage these events.

Particularly, when it comes to minimizing financial loss. Getting a travel insurance policy because of inclement weather is one decision that you would ever be grateful you took.

This is because this gives you an assurance that no matter what happens, your insurer is there for you. This is in addition to the other expenses that you have already made because of your trip.

Expenses such as hotel, money paid to your transportation company for your vacation tour and so on. Thus, getting travel insurance is not something you should be second guessing on.

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