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Paradise lost?

No, we’re not talking about 17th century poetry here, but there are certain circumstances in life that may appear to put paradise out of reach. Imagine you’ve placed a great deal of time and resources into planning the vacation of a lifetime for your family to a beautiful exotic locale. Everything is going according to plan until you get some unexpected bad news – one of your children has suddenly fallen ill and may require hospitalization. As a result, you are forced to put your plans on hold until your child recovers, as the health and safety of your family always come first. Vacation packages are often a large investment, with many of them costing several thousand dollars. If you are forced to cancel, you may lose that trip and will have to re-book it. Some trip and resort operators are more lenient and will allow you to defer a trip, if possible. If you are concerned about losing your trip, Group Medical Services has just the product for you. GMS’s TravelStar® trip cancellation insurance coverage provides coverage for trip-related expenses including non-refundable airfare, cancellation penalties and other out-of-pocket costs

What is included in this coverage?

The TravelStar® plan provides trip cancellation insurance coverage that helps to protect your investment. Your coverage includes coverage for:

  • Non-refundable airfare
  • Pre-paid travel arrangements
  • Applicable cancellation penalties
  • Lost, delayed or damaged luggage
  • Incidental out-of-pocket expenses (transportation, accommodations, meals, etc.)

It’s important to note that your GMS Trip Cancellation Insurance works regardless of whether you are forced to cancel before or even during your trip. Additionally, you can also save 10% on the cost of travel insurance if you bundle your trip cancellation insurance with an Emergency Medical Coverage plan.

What benefits does this plan offer?

GMS’s Trip Cancellation Insurance coverage includes many useful benefits that help you manage the costs of dealing with unforeseen events. These benefits include:

  • Death - Provides coverage if the sudden passing of an immediate relative, employee, business partner host/hostess or caregiver impacts or prevents you from continuing your journey.
  • Delays, Schedule Modifications and Missed Connections - Provides coverage if any of the following situations arise during your trip:
    -- The cancellation of a significant event which is your primary reason for your trip
    -- The cancellation of a cruise before departure due to inclement weather, mechanical issues, quarantine or grounding
    -- Interruption or suspension of your trip due to extreme weather, road closures, traffic accidents or sudden changes to airline schedules
  • Emergency Medical Conditions - Provides coverage when unexpected medical conditions that prohibit you from travelling arise.
  • Employment and Occupation - Provides coverage if any of the following situations arise during your trip:
    -- Unforeseen loss of employment at the time you scheduled your trip
    -- The cancellation of a trade show, business meeting, convention or training session that is beyond the control of you or your employer
  • Government Advisories and Visas - Provides coverage when the Canadian government issues special statements advising against visiting the country you are planning to visit or when you are unable to obtain a visa for reasons beyond your control
  • Other Associated Risks - Provides coverage in the event of extreme situations, including terrorism, quarantine, natural disasters, airplane hijacking, jury duty or travel service provider default (see below)
  • Pregnancy - Provides coverage if your trip is suspended or interrupted due to complications with your pregnancy or that of your spouse or close relative within the first 31 weeks. Also provides coverage for unanticipated pregnancy that interrupts your travel plans if the due date occurs within nine weeks of your departure.
  • Travel Supplier Default - Provides coverage when your travel is directly affected by the sudden default of your travel service provider
  • Trip Delay Upgrade - Provides up to $500 of coverage per day to cover incidental expenses and up to $200 to cover entertainment and other costs. GMS provides this benefit only if your trip is delayed by 12 or more hours.


Where can I get this Insurance?

GMS’s TravelStar® Trip Cancellation Insurance can be obtained from most insurance brokers. Before you make the call, consider comparing insurance online today for additional information.


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