How to Get Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes

Posted on April 16, 2019

Many folks outside of Canada think that health care in this great nation must be a breeze as it is infamously "free" to all residents of Canada. But the truth is that while much of that billion-dollar health care industry is being ponied up for by the federal government, there are some gaping holes in the system that are in critical condition.

One report noted that 16 percent of Canadians avoided going to the dentist because the cost was too high, as this is not covered by most provincial plans.

Health insurance in Canada is the way to bridge that gap between your health care needs and your wallet, and most Canadians don't know how easy it is to get. Find out how to get instant online health insurance quotes right now, and prepare yourself for some peace of mind.

Costs of Canadian Health Care

The 2018 health care bill for Canada was approximately 253 billion dollars, which averages to approximately $6,893 dollars per eligible Canadian. If you haven't been out of pocket for medical, vision, or dental expenses in the last year, then this number may not mean much to you.

But many Canadians find this number per citizen low, and some will even experience prescription medication costs that high on a monthly basis.

One round of cancer medications for a patient that is not covered due to pre-existing condition disqualifications may cost one Canadian thousand of dollars a month. Diabetics experience the same struggles, and many Canadians can't work because of these problems.

They aren't covered for health care anywhere in a country reputed to provide free health care.

But getting insurance bridges the gap, and additional health insurance is not just for the wealthy or employed anymore. Even with the lowest-rated plan, many high users of the health care system in Canada can still cut their health care spending in half for the year in most cases.

With just a few clicks of research, you can learn if the cost of dental insurance is even worth it with instant online health insurance quotes.

Types of Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes

Every insurance company offers packages, and generally speaking, they are likely three-tiered with features usually called add-ons.

The package will come at a basic price, and then add-ons will cover any additional things you want to add to your insurance policy.

Most basic packages with most insurance companies are "guaranteed acceptance." This means that for a low price you are guaranteed to have some medical and some dental coverage at the basic level.

The remaining two or three types of packages offered by an insurance company will cost more, and those costs will cover more of that type of coverage.

So you will get more dental coverage in the second and third packages than you will in the basic package, and that is what your additional monthly package cost will cover.

Your quote may then include the cost of add-ons that you will choose.

What are Add-Ons in Health Insurance Quotes?

Add-ons are usually costs that are the same across tiers. Hospital stays, for example, are often covered by additional insurance, at the rate of so many dollars a day.

This is usually an add-on cost to your insurance quote. If it is $10 at the basic package add-on cost, it will be for all other packages as well.

Knowing what kind of package you want will depend on your needs and your budget for add-ons as well.

If you expect a lot of dental bills, you may want to look at the quotes for the higher packages. If you don't, a basic package may be the best for you.

You could get a basic dental package but pay more on top of that, for an add-on that may include orthodontics for Johnny down the road.

If you already know what you want and what you want to spend, you already have an idea of where you are going to fall package wise. You also may already know what types of extras in the way of add-ons you are considering.

Decide What You Want Before You Search

Before you begin seeking quotes, get an idea in your head of what you want and need for health insurance. If you just need prescription coverage, you may not need a package or company that offers dental for example.

Make a note of the needs your entire family has, and it does not need to take long.

Make a list of three things, your must-haves, what you want, and what your monthly budget is. You can get it for as low as $50 monthly if you don't need much, or it can go as high as $200 or more per family member if you have a lot of add-ons.

You also want to make a list of must-haves and non-negotiables when it comes to things like waiting periods and deductibles. Some insurance companies will accept you even without deductibles, but you will pay for it.

The same applies to waiting periods. If Johnny needs a cavity filled next week, you may get frustrated with insurance quotes.

Patience is key to getting the right insurance company, but that doesn't have to take weeks like it used to.

If you are working, find out what your employer offers and adjust any of your must-haves or non-negotiables on that list accordingly. If you are not covered through work, or you are self-employed, many insurance companies in Canada today are now covering the self-employed for health care.

Find out how Manulife is serving the needs of the self-employed for health care in Canada.

If you have that list of must-haves and non-negotiables, your budgets, and those numbers before you search, you will know what level of package you are going to buy from the insurance company before you even get there.

Preparing for Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes

An insurance policy is an important part of your life and will become a regular part of your life once you sign on. Comparing quotes from multiple companies has never been easier, and you could have a dozen quotes in your hands within minutes today.

Remember that a quote is just a quote and you are not locked into anything unless you provide an electronic signature and likely a deposit.

But even though a quote may be instant, that doesn't mean the process will be if you are not prepared.

Before you get a quote, get your paperwork ready. That could include your driver's license, banking information, credit card and/or cheque book, and the name and contact information of any of your doctors.

You will also need a list of all of your prescriptions, and how long you have been taking them. You may also be asked what you are taking them for.

If you are applying for a basic plan with guaranteed acceptance, you may not need more than this. Your application may be approved instantly, as soon as you pay.

Any collection of quotes more extensive than that and you are heading into the application process.

If you are researching quotes for higher packages, the quote request and application process will be longer. You may still get an instant quote, but you may be asked for additional information such as medical test underwriting.

This usually includes a very simple test where a nurse visits your home and takes your vitals, and collects a blood and urine test.

Even with that, however, the entire process can still go from open quote requests to insurance clients eligible for benefits within one week's time.

How to Know It's Purchase Time

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what you should look for in health insurance in Canada. That is because every family is different.

But even the process of getting instant online health insurance quotes can be overwhelming.

It's still your policy and you are still in charge.

Look for something that fits your budget and your needs first. Then, look for little things like deductibles, prescription coverage, and whether or not your potential provider has a wide network.

You want to know that when your dentist tells you that you owe them $5 thousand dollars that your dentist will take that provider. So call around to the health care providers you like to use and don't be afraid to ask them if they take the companies you are considering.

They get that question all the time, and it shows you are taking an active role in your health care.

Using reviews to assess your purchase is great, but it's important to remember that this is an industry fraught with suffering individuals. Every insurance company will get a bad review on occasion.

You will know it is purchase time when you have performed the research, and feel good about that one specific company. This entire process of securing your instant online health insurance quotes should not take more than a few minutes, give or take a phone call or two to make sure your dentist or physiotherapist will accept them.

Don't Suffer in Silence

If you are in pain, can't see properly, or have toothaches or problems but are not saying anything about it you are among two million Canadians in 2015 that said they were in the same boat.

Some Canadians are losing jobs because they can't apply for work because of a tooth problem or a chronic rehabilitative issue they can't afford treatment for.

It is true that you really can buy peace of mind for only a few dollars a month. You don't have to get the most expensive plan.

You just need to get what you need so you stop suffering in silence. And even that guilt of not being able to get to a dentist or practitioner because of finances is negatively impacting your health.

Find out what health insurance plans are available in Canada and then get instant online health insurance quotes today.

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