Green Shield Health Insurance Zone Fundamental: How Is It Different from the Other Zones?

Posted on October 10, 2018

Research shows that 65% of Canadians have some form of private health insurance.

While there may be a false sense of security because Canadians have universal health care, it doesn't mean it's free.

In fact, the majority of Canadians have to pay out of pocket for a variety of services. This includes things like prescription drugs, which are not covered under Medicare.

Also not covered under Medicare are dental care or vision care.

Green Shield Health Insurance seeks to fill that gap with its Zone plans. These plans feature no medical underwriting, meaning you can sign up for them without a health check.

In this article, we'll go over the Zone Fundamental plan.

Who is Eligible for the Zone Fundamental Plan from Green Shield Health Insurance?

Anyone under the age of 75 is eligible.

All you need is to be a Canadian resident and have provincial health insurance. If you live in Quebec, you also need RAMQ.

You won't get denied due to pre-existing conditions, weight or other health concerns.

You only become ineligible once you stop paying your premium.

Prescription Drugs

Under this plan, Green Shield pays 70% of your prescription drug costs. For your first year, you'll have up to $500 of your drug cost covered. This increases to $600 your second year and caps at $650 your third year. The payout will continue at $650 each year thereafter.

Dental Care

Medicare doesn't cover dental insurance, but the Zone Fundamental Plan does.

The plan covers up to $450 of routine dental care. You can check in with your dentist once every nine months. The plan's $450 per person goes toward the 70% of the cost the health insurance pays for dental care. After that, you must pay out of pocket.

Green Shield Health Insurance also pays 70% of comprehensive basic services. Major services, however, are not included.

Vision Care

Although vision isn't included in Medicare, Green Shield provides it for its customers. You'll get $150 every two years toward a pair of glasses, surgery or corrective lenses. You'll also get $65 per person every two years for an eye examination.

Extended Health Services

Need to see a physical therapist or an alternative doctor? Green Shield will cover you on the Zone Fundamental plan. With this plan, you'll get to see an acupuncturist, chiropractor, podiatrist, massage therapist, naturopath, osteopath or physiotherapist. Green Shield will pay $20 toward each visit, up to $400 per practitioner.

Mental Healthcare

Green Shield Health Insurance is aware that health isn't just all about the physical. That's why they include the ability to see psychotherapists and speech therapists on their plan.

They will pay up to $400 per practitioner per year. This is also very appealing for families with young children who may have speech difficulties, as Green Health can help with the cost of their therapy.

Accidental Dental and Trauma

What happens if you accidentally fall and break your two front teeth? With Green Shield Health Insurance, you'll ensure you're covered for it. You'll get $3,000 per person per year for any dental accidents that may ensue.


What happens if you fall ill or get injured and need to be taken somewhere immediately? Green Shield ensures that with Zone Fundamental, you're covered completely. You can travel by land or air with their insurance and you'll be fully covered.

Hearing Aids

Though Green Shield's Zone plans are not meant for older individuals, people with hearing loss can still benefit from the plan. While most people with Medicare have to pay hefty out of pocket fees for hearing aids, Green Shield will help you with the cost.

For the first four years, you're with Green Shield, you'll get $350 toward your hearing aids. Upon the fifth year, you'll get $500.

Diagnostic Services

Do you need a test run and can't wait in the Medicare queue? You can have some diagnostic, X-ray and lab work done at a private hospital on the Zone Fundamental plan. They'll cover up to $2,000 worth of work. This can help you get back on your feet faster than if you were to wait for Medicare.

Home Support Services

You may not need home support services now, but if you get very sick or are in an accident, you may need them in the future. With the Fundamental plan, you'll get $1500 toward home services your first year. The second year, you'll get $2,000. The third year, you'll receive $3,000, and the fourth year, you'll receive $4,000, where it maxes out.

Travel Insurance

Do you frequently travel out of the country, or even out of the province? If so, you'll need some type of health insurance. If you get sick or have an accident, you don't want to take a chance on a hefty hospital bill. Even other countries with single-payer healthcare may charge you to access their system.

With Zone Fundamental, you'll get $5,000,000 per person per year. This ensures that you can get treatment for up to 15 days at a time during each trip. This is perfect for those who travel out of town, or out of the country, often but don't spend months at a time away.

Which Should I Choose?

Choosing the right health insurance is an incredibly personal decision. Green Shield Health Insurance and their Zone Fundamental plan work to cover all of your bases. It is perfect for the individual who wants to get a taste of private healthcare without having to pay huge premiums and excesses.

To have a look at the other Zone plans and comparison shop, visit us here.

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