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Posted on September 29, 2021

Equitable Life Canada is a financial company with a long history of very strong growth using a conservative approach to risk. They are a mutual company which means that policyholders can participate in the earnings through dividends. Equitable Life has a mission of providing high-quality services and competitive prices to its shareholders and clients.

Equitable Life Claims are a simple process for policyholders. Equitable Life offers a wide spectrum of financial and insurance products. These include individual life insurance and critical illness insurance.

They also offer investment and annuity products to meet the savings and retirement needs of their clients. Equitable Life also provides group benefits to companies and their employees.

This guide will outline the steps to follow to submit your Equitable Life claims depending on the type of policy you hold. For a review of Equitable Life of Canada, you can visit Insurdinary's website.

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Submitting Equitable Life Claims Online

One of the greatest advances of the 21st century is the availability of submitting healthcare claims online. As the COVID crisis erupted, this necessity became exacerbated.

There are three broad categories of claims you can make based on the type of your Equitable Life of Canada policy.

The first type of claim you may have is for an individual life insurance policy or a critical illness policy. Secondly, you can have savings and retirement investment products. The third type of Equitable Life policy you may need to make a claim on is a group insurance plan.

The method of submitting Equitable Life online claims will vary as a result.

Individual Life Insurance and Critical Illness Claims

Hopefully, you haven't made the serious mistake of not having enough insurance. Equitable Life offers term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life and critical illness insurance.

Due to the COVID crisis, you can now take out new life insurance and critical illness policies with Equitable Life Canada through an online portal called EZComplete. This will help you avoid face-to-face meetings and you can complete and sign everything remotely. You can also set up online banking payments for your Equitable Life policies through your main financial institution.

Life Insurance Claims and Critical Illness Claims are not handled by online forms in Canada. If a policyholder passes away, the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the policy have to telephone or send an email to Equitable Life Canada. 

When preparing to submit a life insurance claim(in the case of the passing of the policyholder), as the beneficiary you will need a copy of the death certificate. If you are submitting a critical illness claim, you need a medical report of the condition of the person on the policy.

Equitable Life Canada will contact you once they receive your report of the death or the critical illness. They will send you the necessary Equitable Life claims forms to complete or direct you to the online source. They will then guide you through the claims process.

The good news is that you do have access to a portal called Equitable Client Access. Using this, you can stay up-to-date with your balances, coverage and payment details.

Savings and Retirement Investments

As with individual life insurance and critical illness claims, Equitable Life does not provide online access to these policies. When you take out your policy, you are assigned a financial advisor who will help you with your savings and retirement plans.

It is your financial advisor that will work with you to set up your Retirement Income Fund or annuity income when you retire, depending on the type of investment product you own. Your financial advisor will help you begin to receive funds according to the plan set out when you first took out your investment products.

Once again, you can access your statements online through the Equitable Client Access portal. You can use this portal to adjust your personal information such as your address or beneficiary.

Group Benefits Claims

For information on how to submit claims online to Equitable Life, you do have a few choices when it comes to medical and dental claims. Equitable Life of Canada offers a private site for Equitable Life online claims submission. This site is available to plan members, plan administrators and advisors.

The first step you will need to complete is to activate your account by selecting your user type. You will need the policy number and certificate number provided by your employer.

Once you have an account, you simply need to log in with your username and password. You can then submit your claims by scanning the receipts for health and dental expenses and uploading them to the site.

Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment claims can also be made online with Equitable Life Canada. You have to download and complete the forms before submitting them through the same portal as you would your health and dental claims. You may need additional documentation which can also be submitted in the same way.

Through Your Medical Provider

Equitable Life Canada now has a fast and easy new option for submitting paramedical claims. These can include claims for vision care, acupuncture, massage therapy and many more. Your healthcare provider can now submit your claim directly from their office and Equitable Life will process eligible claims and pay the practitioner.

There is no longer a need for you to pay your healthcare provider and then submit a claim as long as they have already signed up with our service. Using this online service, your healthcare provider can also determine how much of their fee is covered by your plan. They will then bill you for the part not covered.

If your healthcare provider has not registered for this service, you can encourage them to do so. 

If you have a health care spending account with your group plan, you can submit any amount not covered under the current plan to a set annual maximum that your employer has determined.

You can then get reimbursed for anything you had to pay, over and above what was originally covered. You use the Equitable Client Access portal to transfer these amounts to your health care spending account.

Submitting Claims via Mail

If you prefer to submit your Equitable Life claims by mail, you do have that option. For information on where to mail Equitable Life claims, you can check their website

You need to download the forms in advance and complete them. Don't forget to include the receipts for your claims with the completed Equitable Life claims forms. It's a good idea to keep copies of the forms and receipts since mail sometimes gets lost.

Via the Equitable Life Mobile App

The easiest way to make an Equitable Life online claim for paramedical health and vision claims is through the EZClaim Mobile app. This app is now available for download through the Apple App Store or from Google Play. 

The first thing you need to do is set up your account using your policy information. When you have an expense to claim, you sign in to your account and fill out the interactive health or dental claim form. When complete, you take a photo of your receipt and click 'submit' and your claim is available for processing.

Submitting A Claim When I Have Another Plan

As is often the case, both you and your spouse may have health, vision, and dental coverage. This means that you and your family members are covered for these services by two different plans. 

When you first began working for your current employer, you will have informed them of your spouse's group health insurance coverage. When you have an Equitable Life group health claim to make, the two insurance companies will work together to determine which company is the primary insurance company and which is the secondary.

The primary insurer will pay your claim according to the schedule of payment in the group health insurance plan. The secondary insurance company will then cover a portion that is not covered, according to their own plan. 

Sometimes you may make a claim as a result of an automobile accident or a workplace injury. In these cases, the auto insurance or the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) would be the primary insurer and your Equitable Life group health insurance would be the secondary insurer.

Taking Charge of Your Health Claims with Equitable Life

Having your insurance with Equitable Life of Canada is a good choice. With 100 years of experience serving the needs of clients, they have a clear commitment to excellence and evident strength and stability.

Where to send Equitable Life claims is not a problem since they offer so many ways of accessing coverage. Whether you prefer the more traditional approach of submitting claims through the mail, or you prefer to use electronic methods of submission, Equitable Life commits to getting your money to you as quickly as possible.

You do have the option of comparing their services to other life, critical illness and health insurance companies. You can have a look at Insurdinary's blog where we review many different insurance and financial services companies. Better yet, contact us today, and we'll give you the best quote for all your insurance needs!

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