Submitting Sun Life Claims

Posted on August 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada hard. Close to six million people applied for emergency benefits. It proved the time-honoured lesson that we're never as financially safe as we think we are. 

Thankfully, there are businesses out there designed to help us out. 

Sun Life is a Canadian finance and insurance company designed to help Canadians achieve financial security and wellbeing. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Sun Life Claims and teach you a few things about this great company along the way. 

Submitting Sun Life Claims Online

Sun Life is in touch with the twenty-first century. It's very easy to submit Sun Life claims online. The first thing you have to do is head to their "submit or track a claim" page. 

Health or Dental Claims

If you have coverage at Sun Life through your employer or have received coverage online, the first thing to do is to sign in to your Sun life account. 

From here, you'll see a section that says "benefits". Under which will be a button that says "my claims". Click this. 

If the header "submit a claim" pops up, you can click on it to submit your claim. 

Another drop-down menu will pop up. On this menu, you can choose exactly which type of insurance you need. From here you can pick if you're trying to get your family covered, if you need vision insurance, if you need health insurance, if you need dental insurance, and other assorted specifics. 

Mobile Device

If you're seeking to submit a claim on your mobile device, you first have to download the Sun Life Mobile app. It works on both android and apple devices and has easy instructions on it to help you through.

Through Your Medical Service Provider

At times, it's easier for your pharmacist, dentist, or another medical provider to submit a claim for you. Sun Life encourages this. All you need to do to get this sort of coverage is present your coverage card. 

To get your coverage card, you need to sign back into your Sun Life account. Under benefits this time you'll click the "benefits centre" button. 

From the "take me to" menu, you can pick "print drug card", then choose "print" from the top right of the page. This will print out all of the information you need. Gone are the days when you need to wait to receive your card in the mail. 

If you download the Sun Life Mobile app, you can use the form you get on your phone as your coverage card — you don't need to print it out at all! 

It's important that you choose an insurance company that embraces the technologies of the modern world. Why waste paper, when you can simply show your claims on your phone?

Submitting Sun Life Claims Via Paper Mail

However, if you consider yourself a little more old-fashioned, you have options as well. Sun Life allows you to submit a claim however you prefer to. 

First, sign back into your Sun Life account and head back to the "Benefits Centre" section. Go to the "take me to" menu, and click on "submit a claim". 

Choose "claim form from that list". Choose the PDF of the form you want. If you want to fill it out by hand, you can print it out and do so; or you can fill it out online then print it out and mail it. 

Make sure you sign it and attach all original receipts before you mail your form. 

If you're trying to coordinate your submission with your spouse or partner's benefit plan, Sun Life can help you as well. Send a copy of your claim statement from your spouse or partner's insurance provider. Don't forget to send the original receipts along with your mail. 

If your employer doesn't allow or provide personal forms, Sun Life has you covered as well. Check out the section of their site devoted to generalized forms

Via the Sun Life Mobile App

As mentioned earlier, you can submit your claims through the Sun life Mobile App. Just click the right application to download both available for iPhone and Android devices. 

On the app, you can make contributions on the go. Don't forget that Sun Life helps you manage your finances. It's very easy to put away your savings as soon as you receive them. 

You can view your investment balances, and most importantly, submit claims. 

Submitting A Claim When I Have Another Plan

If you have another plan, you can follow most of the same rules that you would if you were submitting a spouse's plan. File your coordination of benefits plan, and you should be good to go. 

Make sure Sun Life knows the benefits you receive in each plan, so they can cover you properly. We recommend you call both companies to coordinate your information as much as possible. 

Understand Submitting Sun Life Claims

In our rapidly changing world, it's important to make sure you're safe and financially secure. Sun Life seeks to do this by making it incredibly easy to submit Sun Life claims. 

As you can see, you can submit your claim online, through a medical provider, via mail, with a mobile app, for your partner, and even if you have another plan. 

We highly recommend Sun Life, but it's our mission at Insurdinary to set you up with the right insurance company for you. For more information, get a quote with us today.

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