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Protect Your Home with Robust Intact Home Insurance

Your home is undeniably one of your most valuable assets. It is the place you relax and rewind after the day’s activities. Besides, if you have loved ones and people you care about, the home becomes even more valuable.

Protecting your home is not optional, it is necessary and mandatory.

With adequate home insurance, you can dramatically mitigate against any loss that could occur in your home. Intact helps you to maximize your coverage by providing you a network of brokers across Canada. You need only a few mouse clicks to find a qualified broker and to leverage their specialized services in order to make the most of the insurance plans.

What Intact Home Insurance Entails

Intact home insurance can protect your house and everything in it. It covers any kind of home, irrespective of the structure and size. It also covers the home content, things you care about including people in the home.

  • The home insurance plan protects any kind of home and outdoor structure including sheds, gazebo, and
  • The home contents are also adequately protected and covered by this plan.
  • The coverage confers personal liability protection on you. It guarantees sufficient protection irrespective of your location.
  • The plan is easy to obtain and with Intact’s brokers, you can choose what plan is best for you.

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