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GMS Essential Plan – The Health Insurance to Cover Your Basic Needs

If you lose your job and employer plan, your health insurance needs do not just go away. You may still need hearing aids, access to medical equipment and air and road ambulance. Things may become very difficult because you are no longer covered by your employer and you have to provide them on your own. The good news is that GMS EssentialPlan is designed to provide you the essentials you need for your health.

GMS EssentialPlan is well fitting if your needs are very basic. If you want to access better and more enhanced features of the GMS replacement health coverage, you can opt for the PremierPlan or the ChoicePlan. However, the EssentialPlan is very adequate for basic needs and also offers interesting benefits and features, albeit the benefits and features are lower than those of the aforementioned two.

Features that Makes GMS EssentialPlan to Stand Out

The EssentialPlan is laden with a lot of benefits and gives you access to basic health care needs. This plan offers a number of interesting benefits such as dental care, accidental dental, private duty nursing, preferred hospital room, access to health practitioners, hearing aids, ground and air ambulance, custom-made foot orthopedics and orthopedic shoes, to mention a few.

  • GMS Replacement Health coverage EssentialPlan is designed to provide an affordable coverage to you when you lose your employer or group plan.
  • It offers guaranteed acceptance and no medical question is required to enroll to the plan but you are required to apply to the plan within 60 days of losing your group plan.
  • It covers the basic needs not covered by your provincial plan. These include hearing aids, medical equipment, air and road ambulance, and so forth.
  • It also provides dental care benefits of 80% preventative and basic, 50% major and $1000 combined maximum.
  • The plan provides coverage for accidental dental ($2000/injury), private duty nursing (80% up to $1,000), preferred hospital room (80% up to $2,000), as well as health practitioners, hearing aids, unlimited ground and air ambulance, funeral expenses on accidental death up to $4000, medical equipment and supplies, breast prosthesis, annual travel, to mention a few.

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