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Looking for Affordable Dental Insurance in Canada?

Keep your pearly whites looking and feeling healthy with quality dental insurance. Dental insurance gives you the coverage you need – from preventative care to cleanings to fillings to even emergency treatments.

At Insurdinary, we help Canadians like you get connected with affordable dental insurance providers in Canada. It’s as easy as sign up, get quotes, apply and get covered!

Avoid paying out of pocket for your dental work. Apply for dental insurance online in minutes.

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Applying for quality, affordable dental insurance doesn’t have to take forever.

With Insurdinary, you get quotes sent straight to your inbox in a matter of minutes, making signing up for an insurance plan easier than ever before.


It’s that simple! Try out Insurdinary to sign up for dental coverage today.


Canada’s public healthcare plan does not include dental coverage. That means your choices are to pay out of pocket for dental care expenses or to get private dental insurance. By getting dental insurance, you can cut down on costs significantly. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for procedures, your insurance could cover up 80% of your costs.

Canadian Dental Insurance – Are You Covered?

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Canadian public healthcare doesn’t cover areas like dental care and procedures like cleanings, fillings, root canals, retainers, and more.

That means you need a dental health insurance plan that covers you no matter what you need, all at an affordable price.

Simply compare dental insurance plans online to choose the right coverage and rates for you.

You save money in the long run by only paying a small premium per month – versus thousands of dollars out of pocket.

  • Fewer Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Keep Your Teeth Looking & Feeling Healthy
  • Low Monthly Rates
  • Best Coverage Available in Canada

Never Pay Out of Pocket for Your Dental Care Again

Save Money on Dental Care

Save Money on Preventative Care and Dental Procedures

Great oral hygiene is only made possible through access to high-quality preventative care. With regular cleanings and check-ups, you can be sure that you and your family are avoiding more serious dental problems later on.

Dental insurance has you covered from the very beginning. Stay on top of your dental care with regular check-ups – without breaking the bank.
Save money by comparing online dental insurance quotes today!


Insurdinary has partnered to major Canadian dental insurance providers to provide you with great insurance quotes online. Simply fill out a quick application to get custom quotes sent straight to your inbox in minutes.

In Canada, oral health is not included in the public health plan, the Canada Health Act (CHA). That means that most Canadian must receive coverage through private insurance or by paying out of pocket.

At Insurdinary, we believe in saving you money so you never have to pay out of pocket for dental services again.

Get the Oral Care You Need at a Price You Can Afford

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Without dental insurance, you’re at risk at having to pay out of pocket for expensive dental procedures. These costs can range from $60 to thousands of dollars.

By getting dental insurance, you cut down on these costs significantly by only paying a premium every month. And with the ability to compare quotes online, you know you can find the most affordable plan for you.

Get you and your family the coverage you need by comparing affordable dental insurance plans online now.

Choose Dental Plan Quotes from Top Providers

Compare Plans Side-by-Side to Choose the Best One for You

At Insurdinary, we provide quotes from different major providers so you can choose the most affordable rate for you. Compare quotes from Canada’s top dental insurance companies.


The dental insurance plan you choose for you and your family should depend on your age, medical history, current health, province or territory, desired coverage, and financial situation. We recommend choosing a plan that has the coverage you need at a premium you can afford.

Choose the Best Benefits for You & Your Family

Need dental coverage? Compare dental insurance plans online to get the benefits you and your family need.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Get quotes for all types of Canadian dental plans

  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Indemnity Plans
  • Direct Reimbursement
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organizations / Capitation Plans
  • Point of Service Plans
  • Discount or Referral Plans
  • Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPO)
  • Table or Schedule of Allowances Plans

Compare the Best Dental Insurance Companies in Canada

Receive Dental Quotes from top level providers right away

When it comes to your oral health, there’s no time to waste while finding the top dental insurance. You want to be sure that your teeth are taken care of and that you find the best rates for your budget.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the major dental insurance companies in Canada to offer you a variety of quotes to compare.

Simply sign up and we’ll send you plans and rates right away. Then, you can pick the best plan for you and apply online.


Applying for dental insurance has never been this easy. By shopping online, you can compare plans and rates quickly, straight from your computer or mobile device.

Now you have the freedom to choose the right plan for you. Compare dental health insurance quotes for FREE!

Build Your Custom Dental Insurance Plan

Create the Right Plan for You & Your Family

Every body is different, so every insurance plan should be too! You need a custom plan that’s built around your specific needs and budget.

We get you connected with multiple plans with different levels of benefits. Pick-and-choose the coverage you need and get a custom quote in minutes

Get coverage for:

Get FREE Dental Insurance Quotes Online in Minutes

Get online dental insurance quotes sent directly to your inbox. Start comparing rates online and choose the best plan for you and your family.


Need to apply for dental insurance online? Learn more about the process and how to get top-quality dental insurance online by checking out our FAQ section below.

How does dental insurance work?

Like most other types of insurance, with dental insurance, you pay a monthly premium to get coverage for your care and procedures. Instead of paying out of pocket, your insurance will cover a significant portion of your expenses. You may only have to pay your monthly premium and a small co-pay.

Can I choose my own dentist?

Some dental insurance plans may restrict you to a predetermined list of approved dentists. If you already have a favorite dentist, it may be worth discussing this with your provider to see if they are covered in your plan.

How does payment work?

The conditions and amount of your payment will depend on the specific insurance plan that you choose. In most cases, your insurance will cover 80% of your costs and you will pay a 20% co-pay. Procedures not covered by your plan will need to be paid for out of pocket.

How do I save money on dental insurance?

You can save money on dental insurance by comparing plans and rates online. Don’t simply sign up with the first dental insurance company you see. With Insurdinary, you simply enter your information and get quotes from a variety of Canada’s top providers sent straight to your inbox. Then you can choose the coverage you want and the premium you can afford.

What does my plan cover?

Your custom dental insurance plan will vary by provider. However, dental insurance typically covers a portion of the costs associated with preventative oral care and other procedures. These may include check-ups, cleanings, fillings, X-rays, surgery, retainers and braces, extractions, crowns, and more.

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