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Stepping up when you need it the most

There are many instances in life where you may be required to step up. It could be to help a relative or friend who needs help moving, or it might be to support a charitable cause in your vicinity. When you step up, the people or cause you lend your assistance to always appreciate the effort. In a manner of speaking, your health insurance plan can step up to help you cover medical costs and other associated expenses. But what happens when you suddenly stop receiving your health insurance benefits? This often happens when you leave your job, whether by termination, layoff or your own decision to do so. When unexpected medical emergencies occur, you need an insurance plan that can step up and come to your aid. Group Medical Services’ ExtendaPlan policy helps you cover costs with GMS’s reliable medical insurance.

What are the benefits?

The ExtendaPlan is the intermediate of GMS’s medical insurance products. It provides more options than the BasicPlan and ensures you get the coverage you need. Your ExtendaPlan coverage includes:

  • Coverage for casts and crutches when you experience extensive injuries
  • Essential eye care coverage, including contact lenses and prescription glasses
  • Up to $250 annually for appointments with health practitioners, including physiotherapists, psychologists and chiropractors


Add-ons available:

  • Basic prescription drug coverage - GMS provides you with up to $3,500 annually to cover new prescriptions for formulary drugs.
  • Enhanced prescription drug coverage - GMS provides you with up to $5,000 annually to cover new drug prescriptions. A maximum of $800 of this coverage can be used towards non-formulary prescription drugs and pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Dental coverage1 - GMS provides you with coverage for basic and major dental services and associated procedures. During the first three years, the amount of coverage you receive will increase, and then remain constant after the third year.
    Year 1: $500 for basic dental services (GMS pays 75%)
    Year 2: $750 for basic and major dental services (GMS pays 80% for basic and 50% for major)
    Year 3+: $1,000 for basic and major dental services (GMS pays 80% for basic and 50% for major)
    * - Waiting period may apply
  • Hospital stay coverage GMS provides you with up to $100 daily for the coverage of personal expenses you incur while you are hospitalized, up to a maximum of $3,000 annually.
  • Travel medical coverage2 GMS provides you with coverage for emergency medical expenses you incur while travelling. You will receive $2 million worth of coverage annually for an unlimited number of trips of 15, 30, or 48 days.
    1 - Waiting period may apply.
    2 - Included in your insurance plan if you are based in Saskatchewan.

Where can I get this coverage?

If you need comprehensive health insurance, the GMS Extenda insurance coverage included in the ExtendaPlan may prove helpful. More information about the ExtendaPlan and GMS’s other medical insurance products are available from insurance brokers.


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