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A Complete Life Protection

We often have more than one need at the same time. You may need to adequately cover yourself financially and at the same time make tax-free investments. This is where you need an efficient insurance plan like the universal life insurance. With this insurance plan, you can protect yourself for life and even leave a good inheritance for your loved ones and dependents.

Add-ons Included:

Vision Death Coverage with Savings RRSP and TFSA contributions are great ways to save for retirements and for life but some conditions can make you dip your hands into those savings. If you have used up your TFSA and RRSP contribution, this insurance plan can help you save the day. In addition, universal life insurance is the best option for you if you want to protect the value of your company.

Features and Benefits

Desjardins Universal Life Insurance is a highly flexible and easy to use insurance plan.

You can easily make changes to your plan as your needs change. Furthermore, with this plan, you can add as many insureds as possible and even combine a number of coverage to customize your plan to your requirements.

  • This insurance plan can help you to meet long term needs and even leave a good inheritance for your loved ones, children, and
  • The premiums for this plan may vary depending on the features you choose. This plan allows you to make your choice on the amount to save, invest in any product of your choice and be tax-free.
  • With this insurance plan, you can save a lot and make the most of your investment.
  • It is a whole life insurance option, however, it comes with an added benefit that you can add features with time as your needs and requirements change.
  • You may even convert some of the coverage in this plan.
  • You can combine this plan with health insurance coverage to make it serve your purpose even better.
  • The coverage provides features that will help you meet your needs no matter your stage in life.
  • Besides having multiple coverage in a single plan, you can also have multiple insureds under one plan.



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