How to Choose Disability and Health Insurance Through Desjardins

Posted on December 23, 2018

About 6.2 million Canadians aged 15 and older live with some form of disability. As if that's not bad enough, over 40% of them have disabilities classified as "severe" or "very severe".

In both working and senior adults, pain-related disabilities are the most common conditions. In fact, 85% of folks within the working class suffer from low back pain alone at some point in their lives! Chronic pain, in general, affects a third of the adult population.

The good news is, you don't have to continue suffering alone and in silence. Thanks to health insurance from Desjardins, getting disability coverage is now easier.

What exactly makes this health insurance and insurer the best choice for you though? How do you even choose the right plan and coverage?

All these and more, we'll cover in this post. So, let's go ahead and dive right into it!

Why You Need More Health Insurance Outside of Your Public Health Plan

There's no doubt that Canadians are proud of the country's public healthcare system. In fact, 87% of them say eliminating public health care is a fundamental but negative change.

But even with all the benefits of the public healthcare system, it's still lacking in many areas. Take British Columbia's Medical Services Plan (MSP) for instance. It only covers medically-needed healthcare services, but not prescription medications.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) is pretty much the same as MSP. Anyone eligible can get access to free healthcare services, but only to a certain extent. It pays only for medically-required services, and doesn't cover prescription drugs.

FYI, a survey found that some 731,000 Canadians ended up borrowing money to buy their medicines in 2016. But prescription drugs aren't the only exclusions. Anything that isn't medically-required doesn't get coverage.

So, those dental fillings you need? You have to pay for those using your own money. The same goes true for eyeglasses or hearing aids among other types of medical equipment.

The good news is, Desjardins insurance in Canada can fill the gaps left by your public coverage.

Who Desjardins Is

Desjardins Group is the largest credit union federation in Canada. They boast $275.1 billion in total assets and seven million members and customers. They even have the label of being "the coolest financial institute" in Quebec.

The organization deals with various financial services, from loans to investments. But they're as popular in the insurance industry too. Their health and disability insurance programs are some of their strongest products.

Why Choose Disability and Health Insurance from Desjardins?

The Great White North is home to over 130 health insurance providers. So, what makes Desjardins special and why should you consider them over the rest?

For starters, because Desjardins insurance in Canada offers five different coverage types. You can choose to get healthcare insurance and combine disability coverage with it. You can also get coverage for critical illness, long-term care, and even accident.

So, not only can you get insured for what your provincial plan doesn't - you can also get coverage for four other areas. Don't worry -- we'll discuss each of these in more detail below. But this should already tell you how comprehensive Desjardins insurance benefits are.

Healthcare Insurance

Get this coverage, and you can enjoy lower out-of-pocket healthcare costs. It covers prescription drugs as well as treatments not covered by the public health plan.

Plus, even as an individual, you get to enjoy the same benefits as those with group insurance. Whether you're a part-timer or a casual employee, you can qualify for this coverage.

Disability Insurance

Did you know that every year, around 160,000 car accidents occur in the Great White North? Or that in 2016, there were 241,508 claims made and accepted for income loss due to workplace injury or disease?

These stats should already tell you that you need more than health insurance. After all, accidents can happen to anyone, and they can lead to disabilities.

That's why you should consider adding Desjardins disability coverage to your health plan. With this, you can protect your income and your family from such events. Even if you're injured or ill, you can keep paying your loans, such as your mortgage or car loan.

Disability insurance covers you for lost income in case you get into an accident or fall ill. Combined with the benefits of healthcare insurance, that can save you a ton of money.

Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance covers all types of cancer, among many other critical illnesses. It also benefits your little ones, with its coverage of 26 illnesses. That's on top of the six childhood diseases it also covers.

What makes it stand out even more is the tax-free benefit you can get when diagnosed with a covered illness. To top it off, Desjardins won't keep you waiting - you get the payment right away.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you get critical illness coverage, it already comes with long-term care coverage. You can also include it with a Desjardins permanent life insurance policy.

With this coverage, you'll get a payment every month if you need care due to a covered accident or illness. Best of all, the benefit Desjardin pays you is tax-free.

Accident Insurance

This Desjardins insurance protects you from accidents that happen in or outside Canada. Not only does it offer you peace of mind - you can get coverage without going through a medical exam.

This insurance will pay for the costs of treating even the most common serious injuries. These include fractures, dismemberment, or loss of bodily use. It also covers hospital expenses, as well as emergency transportation among other costs.

Comparing Desjardins with Other Health Insurance Providers

Health insurance from Desjardins is only one of your options though. They have great benefits, but you should still compare them with your other options. Comparison is key not only to finding the best health insurance, but also the most affordable.

Ready to start exploring your health insurance options? In that case, then let us know! Ring us up or request for a free quote so we can help you get started.

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