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Posted on July 9, 2021

The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) recognizes that every parent wants what is best for their children. As the new year approaches this September, parents are facing two options. Have their child return to in-person learning or elect for the home safety of remote learning. Since the pandemic, TVDSB has increased eLearning engagements and safety protocols at schools.  

Funding from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario wasn't wasted at TVDSB. They were quick to hop onto significant projects including upgrades and expansions. Projects that have been pre-approved by Covid-19 Resilience Infrastructure. Solely to give parents peace of mind when it comes to choosing supported schools like TVDSB. 

If you're a parent looking for flexible options that meet your family's needs, TVDSB has that. Insurdinary wants to provide you with some of the best resources. Everything else you need to make an informed decision awaits below.

Of the many schools to choose from, TVDSB has some of the best flexibility out there. They offer fully remote and secondary adapted learning for grades K to 12. They also provide full-time in-person learning for elementary schools (K to 8). 

To prove their adaptability, TVDSB has many avenues for academic success. You will find that they have completely integrated online and in-person learning. TVDSB also prides themselves for their safe environment. Due to special funding, the school has been able to upgrade to take its diligence further.

Insurdinary and TVDSB understand the dilemma all parents face in light of Covid-19. TVDSB eases your concerns with funded and upgraded expansions. Expansions that bring safety and normality to your child's education. We recognize engagement is as significant as the educational content provided in eLearning.

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Elementary in-Person Learning

The Ministry of Education has permitted TVDSB schools to re-open their in-person learning programs for elementary grade students. Students in grades K to 8 can look forward to stress-free interactions when they return to school. With enhancements in safety and health, your child can have normality once again.

Safety measures still require students to wear masks indoors. Masks are always needed during institutional transportation. Also, students must wear masks outdoors when social distancing is unattainable.

If your child needs a mask exemption, please provide it in writing to the school principal. The Mask Exemption Review Panel has to then review the request. Students are still required to wear masks until exemption approval.

Secondary Adaptive Learning

TVDSB will continue to keep all secondary schools open, at the request of the Ministry of Education. Secondary adaptive learning is a combination of in-person and remote learning. Students have the ability to experience the best of both forms of schooling in this dual model. 

Students placed in groups of no more than roughly 15 have alternating schedules. Those enrolled in TVDSB Special Education Developmental Education courses can come in person any day. 

Physical distancing, non-medical or cloth masks, and proper hygiene are expected from students. All exterior doors are also locked. A safety precaution to limit parents/guardians and visitors from entering. Only scheduled visitors may enter following a self-screening. 

Full Remote Learning

TVDSB offers Elementary and Secondary students an excellent digital learning platform. Students enrolled in eLearning will spend the same time as students in person. Monitored attendance encourages students to attend every day.

Brightspace is the virtual platform utilized for TVDSB's eLearning program. It has synchronous and asynchronous learning activities with student engagement in mind. 

Examples of synchronous lesson tools are LIVE video, phone instruction, text, and chats. Asynchronous learning activities are not happening in real-time. Their lessons consist of pre-recorded video lessons, written feedback, and post-learning activities.

TVDSB eLearning

Parents who choose the virtual eLearning model can rest easy. With TVSDB’s engaging curriculum your child is not missing out! TVDSB mentors are qualified and wonderful at creating remote interactive classrooms. Mentors and peers will not always attend the same TVDSB school as your child. Students are encouraged to treat TVDSB online classrooms as one whole educational community. 

The eLearning Ontario TVDSB portal is extremely accessible. Users will first see the Brightspace login page with a few options to choose from. Sign up or log into the TVDSB Brightspace portal to access explorative tools. Students can also access digital resources and interactive activities. 

Parents will need to make a separate account from their child(ren) who are enrolled. Guests and out-of-board students can also make a TVDSB Brightspace account. 

BrightSpace TVDSB

Brightspace is an interactive digital learning platform established by D2L. Brightspace provides explorative activities and tools for students. It is also an excellent resource for educators and parents. On Brightspace, parents can check their child's activity. Teachers can grade directly, and students can complete their coursework. 

Brightspace is accessible on all devices, including mobile devices. TVDSB expects students to attend their virtual courses every school day. Even if that means engaging on their phones.

Programs such as Brightspace work hand-in-hand with some of the best schools. Their design brings students engaging educational activities. Allowing students to connect with qualified teachers from the safety of their homes. With comfort, your child can get the same skills as they would with in-person learning.  Students are even able to access their classrooms using mobile devices.  

Once you are at the TVDSB eLearning login page, students and teachers need to simply click on the top button. All they need is their account. Their account is the first four letters of their last name. Then the first four letters of their first name, and the last three digits of their student number.

Parents, out-of-board students, and guests must log in by clicking the second button. The option below the student and teacher log-in. Read the Brightspace TVDSB manual for the full comprehensive guide. 

TVDSB Student Portal 

TVDSB has a wide range of resources for students and parents. The student portal is available for common questions or for those in need of assistance. Whether it is about mental health or homework help, TVDSB supports their community.

Use the links under the description below to plan out coursework. You can also get up-to-date with graduation requirements. Always stay tuned for scholarship opportunities. 

Mental Health and Well-Being

In light of Covid-19, mental health and well-being have never been more emphasized. This resource is to help students, families, and even educators through the pandemic. For students specifically, there is a youth-focused mental resources hub available. 

We are in this together, and your mental health comes first. If you or someone you know needs help or requires immediate help, please contact local crisis support or the emergency department

myBlueprint Career Planner

The myBlueprint Education Planner is available online. Accessible to all TVDSB students in grades 7 to 12, as well as their parents and teachers. It is a tool, creating easier navigation to research educational pathways. You can also uncover learning styles, plan school courses, build resumes, and more. Visit their website for a step-by-step guide.

If you need additional information you can always reach out to TVDSB's secondary school Guidance Counselor or Student Success teacher. 

International Students

TVDSB invites international students to study abroad for the upcoming school year. Enjoy the inclusive, welcoming, and secure environment provided for all students. At TVDSB, International students are taught adaptable and transferable skills. Skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and social perceptiveness.

As a plus, Ontario has an overall lower cost of living than many other large cities in Canada. You can fill out an online application now, or learn more about what student life and programs are like at TVDSB. 

Homework Help

TVDSB provides resources to help students with their homework. With homework help, you can get assistance in mathematics. Students then receive a free personalized tutoring chat room. The online chat room is interactive. The mentors are certified Ontario mathematics teachers.

Tutoring is available from Sunday to Thursday 5:30-9:30 pm. Pre-recorded sessions, interactive tutorials, a glossary, and more are also available.

TVDSB still recommends parents get involved in their child's learning. The efforts of students, parents, and schools working together make all the difference. It is a combination that promotes some of the most optimal learning environments. These cumulative efforts also enhance the student experience.  

Career Planning

Education guidance and career planning resources are always accessible for students on TVDSB. You can find information here on internships and apprenticeships. You can also find details on dual credit programs and graduation requirements. Dual credit programs are an opportunity for Grade 12 students to learn at the college level.

Graduation requirements include 20 community involvement hours. TVDSB has considered this and upgraded its virtual volunteering opportunities. Virtual volunteering is now available to students to participate in fundraising events online. 

Students are also able to earn community involvement hours at school. Please talk to your TVDSB school’s guidance counselor to find out how. Hours can additionally be earned at home. Students can walk a younger child to and from school or help younger siblings with school work. Other community activities include completing household chores or helping out a neighbor.

Employed students at 14 years of age or older can earn up to 10 hours toward community involvement. These are just a few of the many options available. The sooner you get a head start on any of these opportunities, the better.

Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships

If you are looking for scholarship opportunities, there are plenty available to you. Though grades are sometimes a factor, let us remember our other scholarship options. There are several scholarship options with qualifications based beyond your grade point average. Such deciding factors include your extra-curricular activities, community volunteering, and sports.

Other diverse options consider family background, art contributions, and part-time employment. All of this and more are deciding factors for your scholarship application.

TVDSB Parent Portal

Don't forget to create your TVDSB parent portal account. The parent portal has a short introduction video, and a FAQ page for your convenience. 

To find the right TVDSB school in your area, use the TVDSB school locator. Simply enter your address or call TVDSB at 519-452-2000 to verify which school is in your area. TVDSB serves over 7,000 square kilometers in Middlesex, Elgin, and Oxford counties. This includes the cities of St. Thomas, Woodstock, and London. 

Once you have your area verified, you can register your child at TVDSB. TVDSB presents a rich learning environment for grades K to 12. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students are welcome to enroll. 

TVDSB Employee Portal

TVDSB employees can access staff resources through the TVDSB employee portal login. The right-hand side holds useful tools and staff applications. 

You can utilize the Thames Valley Absence Reporting and Replacement Information System (TVARRIS) in the first option. And if you click on the last option, you can access the TVDSB staff hub. 

At Insurdinary, We Have Kids, Too!

We love our kids. We understand the common struggle all parents have had to face in such unprecedented times. Safety is our greatest concern. A unifying agent that has made online learning a top priority for many schools like TVDSB. In-person learning and secondary learning are wonderful options. Yet, we need to take advantage of our digital learning resources. 

If you have not already, it is time to have a heart-to-heart with your child about how Covid-19 has affected the world. If you need help with finding ways to approach the topic, we have a way to make this difficult topic a bit easier to handle. 

We are here to help you make only the best financial and insurance-related decisions for both you and your families, now and in years to come.

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