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Posted on May 11, 2021

Do you want to be able to pick up everything and travel for six months? Or do you have a college student who doesn't drive on campus but does at home? Temporary car insurance may be the perfect solution.

A temporary car insurance plan covers you for less than the typical yearly policy and is great if you have a temporary plate in Ontario or elsewhere. You can receive the same coverage in case of an accident or other damage. But you don't have to commit for an entire year.

Keep reading to learn if temporary car insurance is right for you.

Why Would I Need Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance has multiple benefits, from flexibility to affordability. Whether you're the only driver of a car or it's not your primary vehicle, consider a few reasons why you may need short-term car insurance.


Travel Image

If you spend most of your time travelling, you don't want to have to pay to insure a car when you're gone. However, you may not want to rely on public transit or other options when you are home.

Instead, you can have the best of both worlds with temporary car insurance. You can pay to insure the car when you're home, but you can travel and save money when you're gone.

Transferring Ownership

Whether you want to give a car to a family member or sell it, you may not want to commit to a full car insurance policy. In that case, you can obtain car insurance when your previous policy expires.

Then, you'll be able to sell the car sooner instead of waiting for another year. If you don't sell the car in time, you can renew your short-term car insurance.

You Drive It for Certain Times of the Year

Maybe you have multiple vehicles, and you only drive one or more of them a few times a year. For example, you might have a sedan for the summer and an SUV to navigate the winter snow.

In that case, you may want to look into getting temporary plates or monthly car insurance. That way, you don't have to pay to insure two vehicles all year long.

Students Home for the Summer

Similar to the previous example, you may have a college student who only drives a few months a year. If your student leaves their car at home during the school year, you shouldn't have to pay to insure it.

As long as no one else drives the car, you should look for a monthly car insurance plan. You can also obtain weekend car insurance for students who go home on the weekends.

What Is Considered “Temporary”?

temp insurance image

Temporary covers any situation where you don't need or want car insurance for a full year. In general, it includes plans that insure a car for about half of the year or less.

Now, you can let your car sit for most of the year, and it might be fine. However, you should drive it at least once a month to keep tires from losing air, the battery from dying and the gas tank corroding.

Either way, consider a few temporary situations and timelines.

One Day

Perhaps you want to go on a day trip but don't want to use your main vehicle. You can obtain one-day insurance for the car you plan to drive.

Then, you will have coverage in case you have an accident. While an accident may be unlikely, it's better to be safe than sorry.

A Weekend

Weekend insurance is a great option if you want to take an overnight trip. It's also useful for college students visiting home since you can cover the car without having to pay for insurance all of the time.

Insuring your car for a weekend is also useful if you need to loan an extra car to someone. Then, they can drive it with the protection necessary.

One Month

Another situation where you may want temporary car insurance is for a month. Whether you have a college student visiting for a break or want to take a longer road trip, monthly car insurance is useful.

It's also beneficial for a seasonal car that you only drive in the summer or winter. You can pay per month, and you don't have to lock yourself into a contract for a whole year.

A Few Months or More

Perhaps you want to insure a car for a few months but not all year long. Fortunately, you can find short-term car insurance that covers you for a few months at a time.

You may want this type of coverage for a seasonal or second car. It's also a fantastic choice for summer breaks when you have a college student coming home.

Is Short Term Insurance Only for Cars?

Short-term car insurance is great, but some people may want to insure other things for a day or month at a time. Luckily, you can find a temporary sticker for more than just a car.

Whether you want to insure a motorcycle, motorhome, or boat, consider your options.


Motercycle Image

If you like riding a motorcycle during the summer, you should obtain short-term insurance for it. Then, you can have coverage while you ride, but you don't have to waste money during the winter.

Temporary motorcycle insurance is also great if you need to borrow a motorcycle. Then, you don't have to worry about if the owner has coverage for you or not.


Similarly, you may want to insure a motorhome for a short-term trip. If you don't live in the motorhome all year, you can obtain a short-term policy to cover the entirety of your travels.

Once you return home, you won't need to pay to insure the home. But you can start a new policy when you're ready to take it on the road again.


Boats are another great seasonal method of transportation, and you can obtain short-term insurance for your boat. Short-term coverage is great if you only use the boat during the warmer months.

Another use for it is if you need to borrow someone else's boat. Their insurance may not cover you, so buying your own policy adds some extra security.

Temporary Coverage Throughout Western Canada

No matter where you live in Canada, you should consider temporary car insurance. You can look for one-day insurance, monthly insurance, or something in between.

Consider how this might work where you live.


Ontario has some restrictions on car insurance in general, including regular policies. The province has more regulations than others, and it requires more liability coverage.

While you may be able to find some temporary car insurance Ontario policies, they aren't very common. In most cases, you will have to commit to insuring your car for an entire year. The only exception is if you obtain a Special Permit for temporary plates in Ontario.


In Manitoba, you can obtain a Temporary Registration Permit through Manitoba Public Insurance. This will cover you for up to 30 days, and you can drive the vehicle in and out of Manitoba.

However, you would need to renew the policy if you want to keep the coverage for a few months. Still, it's a good option.


Saskatchewan offers temporary car insurance for people with a Temporary Insurance Card. You will need to buy the card before you enter the province, and you should also have a valid insurance permit.

While this isn't insurance, it does allow you to drive within Saskatchewan for a short period. Then, you can have the same coverage you would have if you were at home.


You can obtain temporary car insurance in Alberta from a few different companies. However, it can be difficult to find an affordable policy.

Many policies in the province last for six months to a year. While you can cancel those policies early, you may need to pay an expensive cancellation fee.

British Columbia

If you live in British Columbia, you can obtain temporary insurance. You will need a Temporary Operation Permit to insure your car for a day to 15 days.

Temporary car insurance in BC is useful when transferring a car or using temporary plates. You can drive the car as normal, but you will need to find a new plan when the temporary one expires.

Is It Expensive?

Insurance costs can vary between provinces, insurance providers, coverage amounts, and the length of time. However, these plans are usually more expensive per day than an annual plan.

Some plans can cost about $15 per day to insure, but you may find rates lower or higher than that. Be sure to shop around if you're to find the best temporary car insurance for you.

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Is Temporary Car Insurance for You?

Temporary car insurance is a great option for frequent travellers, students, and people with extra vehicles. You can obtain coverage when you need it but not waste money when you aren't driving.

Then, you can travel or use other means of transportation throughout the year. However, you won't have to worry about lacking insurance or paying too much for it.

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