Driving 101 Articles

Do I Need to Use A Car Seat for My Child?

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act states that every child aged 8 and younger, must travel in a vehicle using a car […]

Understanding Demerit Points in Ontario

Earning demerit points in Ontario is no laughing matter. It won't just lead to an awkward encounter with law enforcement. […]

Right of Way | Rule or Law?

In 2016, there were over ten thousand serious injuries due to traffic collisions in Canada alone. Statistics like this are […]

The Ultimate Guide for New Drivers in Canada

There are more than 26 million licensed drivers across Canada at the moment. Whether you use your driver's license every […]

What Is Road Rage (and the Shocking Facts Behind It)

Road rage is, increasingly, a significant factor in fatal traffic accidents worldwide. Yet, there's a lot of misinformation about this […]

Halifax Parking Ticket - You Got One. Now What?

Did you get caught out, and think parking in Halifax was now free? That flapping piece of paper under your […]

Montreal Parking Ticket - You Got One. Now What?

You've just come out of the deli. You're wandering back to your car, feeling warm and satisfied. And then you […]

Brampton Parking Tickets - You Got One. Now What?

Did you know that a man in Brampton got a $75 ticket for parking in his driveway? He parked his […]

Waterloo Parking Ticket, You Got One. Now What?

In 2019, the City of Waterloo issued 307 parking tickets for a total of around $9,600. On average, the City […]

Vancouver Parking Tickets - You Got One. Now What?

Vancouver loves its cars. The city collected nearly $63 million in on-street parking revenue during 2019.  The city also collected […]

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