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Posted on September 16, 2021

Did you know that, according to Statistics Canada, the Internet became an important tool for Canadians learning at home? As lockdowns occurred, many schools started switching to virtual platforms, making it necessary for children to acquire skills and learn online.

If you’re the parent of a child learning online or you’re a student taking a class on the Internet, you need to understand how to log into the TDSB website and use it properly. However, you might not be sure where to get started.

This can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, we’ve provided guidance in this article.

Finally, you can learn how to work with TDSB, whether you’re in high school, an adult learner, a parent, or someone else who needs access to this online educational centre.

tdsb login website

TDSB Login for Students & Teachers

If you’re a student or teacher, there are several steps you need to take to complete your TDSB Log In. As a student, the first step you need to take is to create your TDSB Account. To get started, open Google Chrome on your computer.

Next, type (or use this link) into the address bar. Now, you’ll be prompted to provide your username, which is your student number, all 9 digits without the hyphens between them.

Next, you’ll create your temporary password. For example, this might include your student number’s last four digits, your birth date (day then month), and @ TDSB.

After this password has been entered, you’ll be asked to create a new password and then re-enter it. This password has to have at least 8 characters.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’ll be ready to complete your TDSB Log In. Now, go to (same as above) and put in your username and password.

For teachers, the TDSB Log In process is a little different. For TDSB staff login, you need to go to Then, you’ll be asked to provide your Employee # and your Password.

If you don’t have this information, then you should give the Enterprise Help Desk a call at 416-395-HELP. This will make it possible for you to complete your TDSB Staff Login.

How to Reset TDSB Password

When it comes to how to reset the TDSB password, there are different strategies you can use. First, there’s the Password Manager, which is the self-serve option. You can find it at

All you have to do is submit your email, after which instructions will be emailed to you on how to reset your TDSB password.

Another option is to call IT Support. You can reach them at 416-396-9100, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If you need support outside of these times, you can also go to the Student Virtual Learning - IT Support website, which you can find at

On this website, you can learn about commonly-asked questions and their answers, which can help you find a way to reset your password. You’ll also have the chance to submit a form with your query.

Another Way To Reset Your Password

While the above methods can be used to reset a student password, when it comes to how to reset the TDSB student password, there’s an additional option. If you’re a student, you can ask your teacher to reset your password for you.

Once you’ve asked your teacher to do this, your new reset password will be the same as the temporary password you used when originally creating your account.

All you have to do is use this password, after which you’ll be asked to create a new one for your account. Keep in mind that this password will have to meet the same requirements as your original password.

Additionally, it can’t be the same as any of the last five passwords you’ve had in the past. This can be an easy way for how to reset the TDSB student password if you would rather have your teacher handle it for you.

How to Change TDSB Password From Home

When it comes to how to change the TDSB student password from home, you can use many of the methods covered above. If you want to change it at any time, you can go online to the Password Manager. You can also contact IT Support or visit their website.

However, if you want your teacher to manage how to change the TDSB student password from home, you should send them an email from home, after which they can begin the rest process when they’re ready.

Brightspace Logo

Brightspace TDSB

Brightspace TDSB is a learning management system that’s based online, and it’s available to all Ontario school boards. The Ministry of Education offers this platform. All students in the TDSB system have access to a Brightspace account.

This platform includes a portfolio tool where it’s easy for students to share their work with their teachers and an online classroom where teachers can gather with their students online.

The portfolio tool has many elements, including rubrics, audio and video feedback, mastery view, a grade book, an assessment hub, and in-line annotations.

It’s also possible to give students certificates and badges to reward them for their work.

It’s also easy to grade nearly any type of activity, and this can be done both on your computer and your phone, using the mobile app. Teachers can also create videos so their content is useful to their learners.

For early readers and nonreaders, there’s a “Funster mode” with which young students can capture the experiences they have within their portfolio.

For older high school students, TDSB Brightspace also provides functions and features that are more advanced. These include supplement courses students can self-enroll in and virtual classrooms.

TDSB Brightspace also makes it possible to use CBE, or competency-based learning, because it provides multiple ways for you to reach your students.

The platform can work with assistive technologies and is designed to provide accessibility.

Additionally, the platform can work not only on computers but also on mobile devices.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom TDSB

Google Classroom TDSB is available too. By using this resource, teachers can share newsletters, assignments, and homework with students as well as parents. All a student needs to learn is a secure login, which will be provided by the teacher.

There are many different products that can be used with Google Classroom TDSB.

These include Groups, Contacts, Sites, Meet, Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Docs, Classroom, Drive, Mail, and My Account.

Through these products, the TDSB Classroom can provide students with a meeting place where they can take lessons. Additionally, they can share assignments with each other and with teachers.

It’s possible to access a Menu of Classes, a Current Class, an Announcements Page, an Assignments page, a list of who the teacher and students are, Updates from your Teacher, Upcoming Assignments, and the App Directory. 

Benchmark Tests can be posted, as well as Daily Lesson files. 

One of the biggest advantage of the TDSB Classroom on Google is that it can be accessed to any platforms from a desktop computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android. Additionally, you can edit the documents from anywhere by downloading Google Apps.

TDSB - Elementary School

When using TDSB in Elementary School, children will develop numeracy and literacy skills that will be needed for success in later schooling years as well as in their lives. By building these foundations within key areas, students will be able to:

  • Discover the passions they have
  • Unlock their potential fully

In addition to the learning they’ll experience through TDSB, it’s important to remember that your child will benefit from having many experiences outside of the virtual classroom. This might include extracurricular activities or participating in school sports, for example.

If your little one currently needs a little more non-educational activity but it’s not possible for them to congregate with their classmates because of the pandemic, make sure you provide these types of activities for your child.

Are you not sure where to start? Speak with your local school’s staff or with your child’s teacher to get ideas and be sure to see Insurdinary's article on talking to kids about Covid.  

Additionally, your child’s teacher might be able to plan some social online activities using TDSB.

TDSB - High School

When high school students are TDSB students, they have access to many courses, programs, and schools. Whether students are interested in technology, sports, drama, art, or additional intellectual pursuits, they can do so through TDSB.

Whatever path the high school student is on, TDSB can help them find the right path and what courses to take to follow it.

TDSB also makes it possible for students to have opportunities that occur outside of the classroom, such as clubs, sports, volunteer activities, and leadership opportunities.

Even if students are not able to meet if there is a lockdown, TDSB can be used for students to meet to have these experiences online, enriching their lives so that they can find their passions and follow them.

TDSB - Adult Learners

TDSB also offers opportunities for adult learners. Wherever they are in their careers or their lives, they can take ESL classes, general interest courses, and credit programs. For example, it’s possible to get high school credits through an adult high school or night school.

TDSB also offers Community Programs through which adults can gain new skills, learn a new language, stay fit, or take up a new hobby.

This organization also provides Settlement Services, Skills Development, and Employment Services.

It’s also possible to get a TESL certification, which makes it possible to teach English abroad or in Canada, and learners who want to learn or improve their language can learn English as a second language.

TDSB - Parent Portal

TDSB also offers a parent portal where parents can learn what they need, to ensure that their children are getting the most out of their time at TDSB. There’s the School Year Calendar, where they can learn about important dates during the academic year.

Additionally, there’s a Questions and Concerns area, where parents can ask about anything they want more information on.

Other sections include Get Involved, Homework Tips Elementary, New to Canada, Special Education, Safety, Student Supports, Homework Tips Secondary, Find Your School, and Transportation and Road Safety.

Sections also include Connecting With Us, Elementary and Secondary Curriculum, Parent Involvement Advisory Committee, and Mental Health and Well-Being.

Finally, they include Taking Learning Outdoors, 211 Ontario, and Special Education Advisory Community.

TDSB Community

One of the best things about TDSB is the community that comes with it. They encourage strong connections within the community so students can understand what they’re learning within the classroom in terms of how it can then be applied to the outside world.

There are several ways TDSB engages the community. First of all, they invite people to volunteer to help with the work they do with students.

If parents want to participate, they are welcome to. All you have to do, if this interests you, is to directly contact your principal to find out how you can help.

If organizations want to get involved, they can use the facilities when school is not in session.

There are also the Focus on Youth and Community Use of Schools programs, through which community agencies can work and community partnerships with TDSB can be established.

TDSB also has the Priority Schools Initiative, which is a program that addresses the fact that, in some priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, there is often inadequate space.

They can provide space where there wouldn’t be enough otherwise.

TDSB is also open to community feedback. They want their school board to be as effective as possible, and the only way they can do this is by being open to what people have to say.

For this reason, TDSB hopes their community will use public forums and town hall meetings to speak about what changes they would like to see in education.

They also encourage others to speak to standing committees made up of Trustees.

TDSB is also interested in community members taking part in surveys.

If you want to get involved, you should take a look at TDSB’s section for community consultations, where you can find out if there are any consultations you’re interested in that are currently active.

At Insurdinary, We Have Kids, Too!

Now that you know everything you need to know about the TDSB, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to learn more about what courses are available, or you want to learn about how your child can most enjoy their time at school.

Whatever information you need, we can help. We at Insurdinary have kids too and our priority is to protect them. So if you’re looking for education for your child, you should check out some of our insurance products.

To learn more about how we can help, get in touch with Insurdinary now.

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