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How to Get Back to Life After COVID-19

Whether you were infected with Covid-19 or not, the pandemic has undoubtedly taken its toll on many of us. In […]

What Is BIPOC? | Discover the Movement

What if one movement could change the world? Historically, turbulent times come to an end when bold leaders step up […]

Retirement Age in Canada

Over the years, Canadians have been watching a battle in their government over the age of retirement. Unfortunately, this means […]

Cremation and Costs

Cremation has exploded in popularity across Canada in the past decade, with over 70% of the population choosing it over traditional […]

Pomodoro Technique and Pomofocus App: Ninja Hacks for Productivity

Did you know that procrastination habits are on the rise? In fact, a Calgary professor found that 39% more people […]

Burial and Costs

Death is never the end. More than 280,000 Canadians passed away in 2019. Their memories remain amongst those who loved […]

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