Business Insurance 101 Articles

Top 8 Types of Business Insurance for Retail Businesses

Having insurance is crucial to protect your retail business. When you start looking at different types of business insurance, you […]

Understanding Small Business Insurance

Do you want to run a successful business in Canada? You should know what small business insurance is and how […]

Home-Based Business Insurance - What Is It?

Imagine opening your dream business, but you have to close shortly after due to an accident or weather event. If […]

What Is Food Truck Insurance?

Did you know there are more than 2,200 food trucks in Canada? According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there […]

The Guide to Contractor Insurance

Injuries on construction sites are on the rise in Canada. Between 2014 and 2019 injuries due to construction site accidents […]

Understanding Event Liability Insurance

Imagine this; you're setting up for an event. While decorating, someone is carrying items into your venue. They hit a […]

A Guide to Professional Liability Insurance

Did you know that annually around 40,000 deaths in Canada are attributed to medical malpractice? If you're a doctor, you need […]

Understanding Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Let's be honest - running a business is difficult. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to keep […]

Daycare Insurance - Explained

Many people do not realize the potential dangers involved in a childcare facility. Children can suffer due to negligence or […]

Understanding Yoga Instructor Insurance

Yoga can be enlightening, restorative, and grounding. It is widely practiced across the world because of it's many health benefits.  […]

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