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Infinity Term

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Infinity Term – An Affordable Life Insurance with Added Advantage

Most term life insurance holders hope to convert to a permanent option some day. However, conversion to a lot of permanent insurance plans is costly and a number of permanent insurance coverage offered by most insurance providers may not even have all the features you desire. The Co-operators offers infinity term policy to make the conversion to permanent life insurance easy and affordable.

Infinity term is one of the most affordable permanent insurance coverage offered by the Co-operators.

The plan does not offer any savings potential but it offers full coverage. Term insurance is a reliable plan that is adequate to permanently cover your family, business, estate and so forth.

Obtainable Features in Infinity Term

The age range for infinity term insurance is dependent on the option you choose. The plan has two options namely Life-Pay and 20-Pay. The age range for Life-Pay is between 0 and 80 whereas age range for 20-Pay is between 0 and 70. In either case, the coverage amount starts from $25,000.

  • The plan features two coverage options namely Life-Pay and 20-Pay.
  • The age range for Life-Pay is between 0 and 80 years whereas the age range for 20-Pay is between 0 and 70.
  • The plan can provide sufficient coverage for your family life, business, and
  • The premium level is guaranteed and pays up fully when the insured reach age 110.
  • Infinity Term comes with a slew of riders and benefits that makes it easy for you to tailor the plan to your exact specification.
  • It is a very affordable permanent life insurance option but it does not have a savings component.
  • It is very easy to convert infinity term to a permanent life insurance plan at very affordable cost.

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