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Vancouver Travel Insurance Overview

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Just like most big cities, Vancouver has lots of travel insurance providers. Vancouver travel insurance is vital to every Vancouverite, especially when going on vacation outside Canada. In the event of an accident, your medical cost could easily add up even when you travel outside British Columbia. You don’t just need Vancouver travel insurance coverage, you need a plan that will suit your lifestyle and also offer you the features you need. Call Insurdinary for travel insurance quotes adequate for Vancouver residents. When you call Insurdinary, we will connect you to experienced insurance advisors who will guide you to choose the best travel insurance plan in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Travel Insurance Details

Getting the Best Travel Insurance in Vancouver

You need coverage for so many things when you are traveling out of the province. Your Vancouver travel insurance coverage should be able to cover for medical emergencies, trip cancellation as well as any other custom feature you want. When you call Insurdinary, we will link you to the right insurance advisors who will provide expert advice and guidance to help you to make the right choice.

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Vancouver Airports

There are 10 airports, 12 heliports, and 4 water aerodromes in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. The aviation facilities are located in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley are and serve regional air travel, airline passengers and commercial cargo transportation. Vancouver International Airport is the busiest airport in the Canadian province of British Columbia and the second-busiest airport in Canada.

Here are the airports in the region:

To get to the local airports on time, you should also plan your arrival times and choose the best route on time before your trip.

Choosing the right airport limos

Choosing the right airport taxi or limo service will help to get around the city on your trip. To choose the best airport limo service in Vancouver, you need to shop around and compare the features and prices offered by various providers. If you are keen on getting the best price and service, you should reserve the limo of your choice as early as possible.

  • Excel Limousine Service - (604) 433-3550 - 7176 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5P 4L9
  • Perimeter Transportation - (604) 717-6600 - 410 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3
  • Griffin Transportation Services - (604) 682-4474 - 1450 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2G5
  • KJ Limousine Services - (604) 655-2888 - 2401-550 Taylor St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1R1
  • Quest Limos - (604) 900-3180 - 1155 W Pender St 708 A, Vancouver, BC V6E 2P4

Vancouver Travelers Story

A lot of Vancouverite cross the border into the U.S. on a daily basis for shopping, to buy gas and for some other purposes but don’t even think about getting travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover you for accidents and medical emergencies for a one-day trip as well as a vacation.

Goose Insurance Services has developed an innovative app to help you to get travel insurance on the go. According to Dejan Mirkovic, the company’s CEO, Canadians ought to get travel insurance coverage before leaving the country but up to 50% forget to do this. If you are struck with sudden illness and requires hospitalization, the financial consequences could be huge, Mirkovic added.

The app, known as Goose, notifies you when you are close to the border. It allows you to purchase travel insurance for $4 a day with a total coverage of $10 million. You can also easily read the policy on the app and find the emergency contacts and contacts to call for claims on the app.

Also, you can even buy insurance if you have already crossed the border but a 48-hour waiting period applies for coverage bought outside Canada. The waiting period only applies to sicknesses but injuries and accidents will still be covered. It is also important to note that Goose will not cover you if you travel against the treatment and/or advice of your doctor and most Canadian doctors will not advise you to travel if you have critical illnesses such as heart attack, TIAs, stroke and so forth.

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