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Quebec Travel Insurance Overview

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Quebec RAMQ doesn’t provide comprehensive coverage for Quebecers who travel out of the province or out of Canada. You can buy private health insurance to take care of medical costs not covered by RAMQ.

To get more information about the type of insurance you can get when you travel outside Canada, contact the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA).

Toll Free: 1-888-295-8112

Toronto Line: 514-282-2088

Quebec Travel Insurance Details

Is RAMQ Cover Travel Insurance?

Uncertainties and medical emergencies can occur at any time, even when you travel. You need a comprehensive Quebec travel insurance policy to cover medical costs not covered by RAMQ when you travel. To get your private medical coverage or travel insurance policy, you might have to spend a lot of time comparing policy options in order to choose the coverage that suits your purpose. Why not call Insurdinary to get connected to insurance advisors who will give you expert insurance advice and guide you to get the best travel insurance coverage available to Quebecers.

If you hold a valid RAMQ health insurance card, you can sure receive healthcare service covered by the provincial plan when you travel out of Quebec or out of Canada. However, RAMQ covers part of the costs in most cases. The provincial coverage does not cover emergency transportation, cost of a private and semi-private hospital room, drugs purchased outside the province and so forth. Besides, it pays an amount equivalent to the service obtained in Quebec; you have to cater for the extra cost or difference. This is why you need an additional Quebec travel insurance policy for comprehensive coverage.

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Traveling outside Quebec for study

A lot of Quebecers are excited to study outside the province or outside Canada but most forget to plan their travel insurance before leaving the province. You need to get Quebec travel insurance or additional private health insurance before traveling for study. It is equally necessary to understand the coverage option and the limits of the additional coverage to know what to expect from it.

Check the ministry’s Fact Sheet for more information about Traveling outside Canada.

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Traveling outside Quebec for Work or Business

When traveling out of Quebec for business or work, one of the most important things to consider is getting additional Quebec travel insurance. You need comprehensive Quebec travel insurance or private health insurance that will cover you in your trip especially for costs not covered by RAMQ. Also, it is important to carefully read your policy to understand what it covers before purchasing the additional coverage.

Refer to the RAMQ’s Fact Sheet for more information about Traveling outside Canada.

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Quebec Travel Advisory

Each destination has a different weather condition. You need to know the weather condition of your travel destination before purchasing Quebec travel insurance or leaving Canada. The travel advisory for popular vacation destinations for Quebecers is given below.

Quebec Travel Insurance News

The Co-operators Insurance Company, known as The Co-operators, recently purchased a Quebec based insurance brokerage, known as Assurances Madelein in Laval, Quebec.

Assurances Madelein offers several insurances policies which include both personal and commercial insurance policies. The transaction does not annul or change any existing insurance coverage owned by a client via Assurance Madelein, however, it will remain in effect for the current term of the policy.

In a comment, The Co-operators president and CEO Rob Wesseling said that the purchase will further strengthen the insurance giant’s distribution system as well as the co-operative representative in Quebec. He also explained that they will be able to deepen their roots as well as their connection with their Quebec clients as they continue to expand and grow in the province. This will help the insurance company to understand the unique need of Quebecers and also assist them in accomplishing their financial goals.

The Co-operators whose total assets under administration already exceed $42.5 billion will grow and expand more due to the acquisition. The company pointed out that its clients will benefit enormously from its example in leading national insurance co-operative which is further demonstrated and buttressed by the deal with Assurance Madelein. It also pointed out that the deal will provide clients with full access to a wide range of insurance products that will include travel insurance, auto, life, home, and commercial insurance products.

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