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Quebec City Travel Insurance Overview

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Traveling could be fun especially if you have peace of mind on your trip. Whether you are traveling for business, tourism or pleasure, you need Quebec City travel insurance plan that blends well with your lifestyle and suits your needs. With several travel insurance plans in Quebec City, it might be difficult getting the right coverage you want. Call Insurdinary for travel insurance quotes adequate for Quebec City residents. When you call Insurdinary, we will connect you to insurance advisors who will guide you to get the best coverage suitable for you.

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Quebec City Travel Insurance Details

Getting the Best Travel Insurance in Quebec City

You need comprehensive coverage to really cater to your needs and guarantee peace of mind. Sadly, your provincial plan may only provide sufficient coverage when you are within the province. Outside the province, you need additional coverage for emergency medical and dental coverage, trip cancellation, multiple trips and so forth. We can connect you to insurance advisors who will guide you to select the right Quebec City travel insurance that will offer the features and options you want.

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Quebec City Travel Advisory

Your travel destination might have a different weather condition than Canada. This is why you should know your destination’s weather condition beforehand. With the travel advisory for Quebec city residents, you can know your destination’s weather condition before you travel.

Quebec City Airport

Quebec City has an airport, a heliport, and a water aerodrome. The aviation facilities are located within and around Quebec City and its neighboring cities and serve regional air travel, airline passengers and commercial cargo transportation. Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport is the eleventh busiest airport in Canada and the busiest airport east of Montreal and west of Halifax.

The airport in Quebec City includes:

Making plans for your trip is of prime importance. You need to choose the best route and travel times to arrive at your local airport.

Choosing the right airport limos

When planning your trip, you need to select the right limo service or airport taxi to be sure you have a great trip. It is equally important to book for an airport taxi reservation as early as possible and to shop around by comparing various airport taxis in the city in order to choose the best.

  • Limousine A1 - +1 418-523-5059 - 160 Boulevard des Cedres, Quebec City, QC G1L 1M9, Canada
  • D2S Limousine - +1 418-652-7316 - 2716 Rue Einstein #20, Québec, QC G1P 4S8, Canada
  • Taxi Laurier - +1 418-651-2727 - +1 418-651-27273164 Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec, QC G1W 2K5, Canada
  • Taxi Coop Quebec - +1 418-525-5191 - 496 2e Ave, Quebec City, QC G1L 3B1, Canada
  • Transport Accessible Du Quebec - +1 418-641-8294 - 206 2e St, Quebec City, QC G1L 4Z1, Canada

Quebec City Travelers Story

A traditional survey of Quebecers’ summer vacation plans carried out by CAA-Quebec shows a high level of confidence among Quebecers. Most of the respondents in 2016 said they would stay at home, but in 2017, a majority of the respondents said they would love to adventure.

Philippe Blain, the Vice President, Travel for CAA-Quebec said that Quebecers were more relaxed in 2016 and wanted to make up for it in 2017 with 7 out of 10 of the respondents indicating interest in traveling.

Moreover, Quebecers who travel in 2017 had a longer stay than those who travelled in 2016. Also, most people spent their holidays in distant destinations in 2017 as compared to 2016. Several factors contributed to the changes recorded in 2017, one such factor is the international climate and the travelers’ budget. The budget is the most important determining factor in people’s choice of destination as it determines the average amount they set aside for their vacation.

However, 12% of the respondents say they will be going on vacation without travel insurance to cover their medical expenses. This is worrisome. Most people still assume that their province of Quebec’s insurance (RAMQ) will provide comprehensive coverage even if they travel to another province. For some other people, they assume that their credit card provider’s insurance is enough to cover them.

However, it should be noted that a health emergency bill outside the province of Quebec can run into tens of thousands of dollars and your credit card provider’s insurance or your provincial plan may be insufficient to cover it.

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