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London Travel Insurance Overview

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Your requirements when traveling could be unique and you definitely want a customized service. If you are traveling for business, you might want to have a London travel insurance option of trip cancellation, multi-trip, and even medical emergency insurance; besides, you definitely need travel insurance that guarantees peace of mind in your trip. Of course, you know what you want but how do you achieve it? Call Insurdinary for the best travel insurance coverage London residents can pay. At Insurdinary, we connect you to insurance advisors in London who will guide you to make the right decision on your travel insurance coverage.

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London Travel Insurance Details

Getting the Best Travel Insurance in London

You need peace of mind when traveling, whether within or outside Canada. Unfortunately, your provincial plan may not offer you everything you want in a coverage. It may not cover customized features such as multi-trip, emergency medical insurance, unexpected illnesses, trip cancellation and so forth. But these coverages come handy and are relevant to guarantee you peace of mind. We can connect you to insurance advisors who will help you to get exactly what you want and even better.

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London Airports

London has 6 airports. The airports are located within and around London and its neighboring cities and serve regional air travel, airline passengers and commercial cargo transportation. London International Airport was ranked the 20th biggest airport in Canada in 2011 by aircraft movements.

Here are the airports in London:

  • London International Airport -
  • London/Chapeskie Field Airport
  • London (Pioneer Airpark) Aerodrome
  • London (University Hospital) Heliport
  • London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
  • London/Watson Field Aerodrome

Additionally, you need to plan the best travel routes and times to get to your local airport for your journey.

Choosing the right airport limos

Whether you are traveling to a known or unknown destination, you need to make your trip more convenient by booking an airport limo or taxi ahead of time. However, the price and features of the taxi service will depend on how early you reserve. You can get the best price by reserving early but you can also get the best price and feature by meticulously shopping around for the service you need.

  • Green Taxi - (519) 777-8888 - 380 Wellington Street Tower B, Suite 626 London, ON N6A 5B5, Canada
  • Yellow London Taxi - (519) 657-1111 - 573 Horton St E, London, ON N6B 1M8, Canada
  • Driverseat London North West - (226) 270-1801 - 575 Jamaica Ct, London, ON N6K 1N2, Canada
  • Your Taxi - (519) 432-2222 - 555 York Street London, ON N6B 1R6, Canada
  • Van Taxis - (519) 777-1555 - London, ON N5Y 3P6, Canada

London Travelers Story

In the same week that Stuart Cline was stuck in Mexico hospital for a week after suffering an aneurysm, another London man Larry Dann waited for eight days in a U.S. hospital because he was told a bed was not available in any hospital in London.

Dann and his wife, Cynthia, embarked on a two-week cruise to the Caribbean. While on the cruise he felt extreme abdominal pain and nausea as the cruise ship almost completed its trip back to Miami. Being sick, Dann was admitted to the hospital’s ICU and thankfully he had a Sun Life travel insurance coverage which covered for his bill that averaged US$20,000 per day.

According to Dann, Sun Life was truly supportive and helpful. They even offered to cover the cost of an air ambulance back to Ontario. Although he got first-rated care in the hospital, he was homesick. However, he was repeatedly told that he could not go home because there were no hospital beds available in his hometown.

Sometimes, while in the hospital, Dann thought of escaping but it was just like Hotel California, there was no way to escape. Four days after the care, he was transferred out of the ICU and the next four days, he was discharged and allowed to go home with a condition that he would see his doctor as soon as he arrived home.

While commenting on the Cline and Dann cases, the Health Minister, Helena Jaczek said that insurance companies are not doing enough to find a bed for their clients but the Peggy Sattler, the London West New Democrat MPP said insurance companies cannot manufacturer a hospital bed if there isn’t any available. She said that hospitals across Ontario are operating well over their full capacity. She also opined that the government should deal with the issue of hospital capacity rather than throwing blames on the insurance companies.

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