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British Columbia Travel Insurance Overview

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British Columbia’s Medical Service Plan (MSP) covers you when you are within the province and in most parts of Canada. But the coverage may not be sufficient to cover emergency medical cost, trip cancellation and so forth when you travel out of Canada. As such, you may need to purchase British Columbia travel insurance when you travel outside B.C.

You can check the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to find out more about the type insurance you need when you travel outside Canada. Call CLHIA for more information.

Toll Free: 1-888-295-8112

In Toronto: 416-777-9002

Is MSP Cover Travel Insurance?

When traveling outside British Columbia, you need a policy that covers you against trip cancellation, multiple trips, emergency medical and dental care and so forth. MSP provides medical benefits for B.C residents traveling out of province or out of Canada. However, the provincial plan is limited and you definitely need additional coverage when you travel outside Canada.

It is recommended that you get a private insurance policy that meets your needs. But to get a good private insurance policy, you may have to spend a plethora of time comparing several policies to choose the best. Talk to Insurdinary today for British Columbia travel insurance quotes. We will connect you to insurance advisors in British Columbia who will guide you to get the best British Columbia travel insurance at a great price.

If you travel to any province or territory within Canada, with the exception of Quebec, you can be sure that you will get adequate medical attention when you present your B.C. CareCard or Services Card. However, when traveling to Quebec or outside Canada, you may have to pay for your medical services and be reimbursed by MSP. But MSP does not cover every cost; this is why it is recommended that you get additional British Columbia travel insurance from a private insurer when traveling outside B.C.

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Traveling outside BC for study

You should consider getting British Columbia travel insurance when planning to study outside the province. It is also important to fully understand what the policy covers. If you plan to pursue an accredited full-time study or learning opportunity, it is very vital that you get comprehensive coverage when you travel outside Canada.

For more information on traveling outside Canada, check the ministry’s Fact Sheet "Traveling outside Canada"

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Traveling outside BC for Work or Business

Whether you are traveling outside British Columbia for work or business purposes, you need British Columbia travel insurance to cater for medical emergencies and other purposes. It is necessary to fully understand what MSP covers irrespective of the type of employment or work you have.

Check the MSP’s Fact Sheet to get more information on traveling outside B.C for employment and work on "Traveling outside Canada".

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BC Travel Insurance News

A Sunshine Coast couple, Mike and Arleathea Gojevic, faced a financial disaster during their vacation in Las Vegas. After Mike was hospitalized and enlisted for a lung transplant, the couple had up to $140,000 in medical expenses to pay.

Just before traveling to Las Vegas in February to celebrate Arleathea’s birthday, Mike had a bad cold and an x-ray suggested that he had pneumonia. As a result, the doctor prescribed a 10-day antibiotics course to him and cleared him to go for vacation.

While almost close to Las Vegas, the 53-year-old started having difficulty breathing. Mike was administered oxygen while on the plane and paramedics met him on the jet runway. Thereafter, he was taken to Desert Springs hospital in Las Vegas. Being an insurance adjustor, Gojevic instructed his wife to make sure that One World Assist, their insurer knew they were in the hospital.

Gojevic’s condition could not be diagnosed after spending 10 days in the hospital and being attended by several doctors. Furthermore, One World Assist confirmed his coverage with them to the hospital through fax, little did the couple knew they would have a problem with the coverage.

Thereafter, the couple was flown home through B.C. Air Ambulance and then he was told that he wasn’t suffering from pneumonia but rather a critical lung disease known as pulmonary fibrosis. One World Assist denied the couple’s claim, stating that he was being treated for a pre-existing condition.

One World Assist also denied the claim after Gojevic appealed their decision. Artletha wrote that her world was ripped apart in just one night. However, after months, One World Assist reconsidered the claim, stating that the claim was not actually payable but that it is doing it on compassionate ground.

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