The Co-operators Employee Benefit Plan

The Co-operators Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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The Co-operators is one of the biggest insurance companies in Canada. It operates a diverse, multi-line and integrated insurance services with lots of insurance products and services including group insurance.

Businesses that intend to provide robust and attractive group insurance to their employees and stakeholders should seriously consider The Co-operators employee benefit plan. The plan is designed to be elegant, attractive, customizable and easy to use.

Group insurance is an easy way for businesses to attract and retain quality employees. Rather than increasing their taxable salary, you could provide additional compensation to your invaluable employees with The Co-operators employee benefit plan.

Furthermore, The Co-operators provides benefits to the plan sponsors, plan members and plan advisors. The claims process is seamless and you can save a lot of money with the employee benefits program. It is easy to set up and customize the group benefit plan in such a way that it will suit your organization’s requirements and meet the needs of your employees.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

The Co-operators offers a wide range of insurance products in its group insurance. These include group benefits, group auto and home insurance, and group retirements.

The group benefits include dental coverage, life insurance, and disability coverage.

The group benefits products and services include extended health care and dental plans, continYou individual health and dental coverage for former plan members, continYou golden retiree health and dental coverage, drug plans, mental health care, emergency medical travel assist, emergency out of country care, health spending accounts (HSA), life and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) and so forth.

The Co-operators employee benefit also include coverage for home and autos. This allows group members to save up to 40% on their home and vehicle. You can also take advantage of special discounts offered in the plan “combine and save” to save a lot on your home and auto coverage.

Employers can also help their employees to prepare for a better future with the group retirement plan. By providing a way for you to manage your group retirement plan online and change your investment style, it is easy for you to curate your retirement plan and tailor it the way you want.

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Employee Benefit News

Starting from January 2019, eligible plan members of The Co-operators can access Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) guided by a therapist through their extended health care coverage. The service is offered by Morneau Shepell, The Co-operators’ partner and it will be added to coverage for social workers and psychologists.

Conor Quinn, vice-president of Group Benefits with The Co-operators said they are proud to be one of the first group benefits providers to offer iCBT in extended health care coverage. He added that this is another way for them to make the workplace a pathway to positive mental health.

The University of Regina partnered with The Co-operators to conduct a research and discovered that iCBT remarkably improved symptoms of anxiety and depression for people who participated in the study. Among those who completed the follow-up questionnaires, a 35 percent reduction in psychological distress, depression, and anxiety, as well as over 40 percent improvement in panic symptoms, were recorded.

Furthermore, The Co-operators is including iCBT as a part of its claim management protocol for plan members on disability leave for medical health issues. Due to the uniqueness of the situation, the level of support is customized in such a way as to suit each circumstance and individual.

Adam Kelly, Morneau Shepell’s senior vice-president, health and productivity solutions said that iCBT helps to remove the barrier for people who require support irrespective of the nature and kind of barrier whether geographical, cost or specific to challenge.

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