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Sun Life Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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Sun Life employee benefit plan is a way for organizations and businesses to offer topnotch and attractive benefits to their employees. The benefits program is an important asset to employees as it can provide health coverage and other forms of insurance to the employee and his family members in order to improve their well-being.

Employees may underperform if they feel that they are not adequately compensated for their efforts, jobs, and services to the company. It is highly recommended that companies pay their employees properly but the taxable salary may not be an efficient way to reward your employees if you want to ensure their undivided attention and also productivity.

In such a case, you need a more rigorous, comprehensive and attractive benefits program. This is where Sun Life employee benefits program comes in. With such a group benefits plan, you can take care of your employees’ financial coverage and that of their family. This will guarantee that they have peace of mind and will be able to focus entirely on your business.

By providing Sun Life employee benefits program to your workers, you can save a lot of costs and ensure that your employees are satisfied with your business. This can contribute to their efficiency and therefore to the success and productivity of your business.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

The Sun Life employee benefit package includes health and dental benefits as well as additional coverage like life insurance, critical illness insurance, basic accidental death & dismemberment insurance, long-term disability insurance, and dependent life insurance.

The health and dental benefits cover the cost of prescription drugs, vision care, hospital expenses, paramedical, medical services and equipment, travel expenses, dental coverage from cleanings to orthodontics, and health and wellness coverage.

The life insurance pays a lump-sum benefit to your chosen beneficiary. Sun Life critical illness insurance pays a lump sum to help you recover from a critical illness covered by the plan. The basic accidental death and dismemberment pay a lump sum and any other additional benefits if you lose a limb or die in an accident.

If you cannot work due to a covered disability, the long-term disability insurance will pay a percentage of your monthly income. In the event of the death of a spouse or child, the dependent life insurance provides a lump sum benefit.

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Employee Benefit News

A survey carried out in February 2016 revealed that irrespective of the long period of slow economic growth in Canada, Canadian retirees are living on barely 62 percent of their incomes before retiring.

In addition, Sun Life Financial Retirement Report shows that up to 88 percent of retired Canadians said that life in retirement is positive and 32 percent said that their biggest financial surprise of retirement is that they were able to manage on a reduced budget. An additional 10 percent said that they spent less than they expected.

Kevin Dougherty, President of Sun Life Financial Canada said that this was the first time they measured the percentage of pre-retirement income retirees are living on. Kevin went ahead to assert that life in retirement is more positive than most people think. Irrespective of the current economic situation, Canadians are doing well with just over 60 percent of the income they had when they were working. This is fairly the same when you compare men and women or when you consider their marital status.

Retirees are spending an average of $2,611 on expenses each month. The expenses include healthcare, taxes, housing, and food. This is about 24 percent less than the $3,431 spent by working Canadians on the same expenses every month.

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