Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan

Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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Providing attractive Ottawa-Gatineau group benefit plan is key for businesses to continue attracting and retaining people. When your business provides an adequate Ottawa-Gatineau employee benefits program, you will not only grant your workers security but they will have peace of mind to focus on improving your services. This is important in evaluating your compensation program and ensuring your employees’ future whether you are operating a small or large organization.

With an Ottawa-Gatineau group benefit plan, you will retain quality people and also protect your business and your employees without any additional cost. Some programs even allow your employees to maintain their health insurance after leaving your company.

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan Details

Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefits Plan Advantages

The advantages of Providing an Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan for your employees

  1. Ottawa-Gatineau group benefit plan provides health benefits coverage with a tax-free feature for your employees and their family.
  2. The plan will protect your employees and their families against financial issues that could arise due to unexpected dental or health costs.
  3. As an employer, you will benefit by offering the Ottawa-Gatineau employee benefits program at a fixed cost and the plan will be automatically administered by an insurance company.
  4. The employer will enjoy a tax deduction in all costs that have to do with the Ottawa-Gatineau group benefit plan.
  5. Ottawa-Gatineau employee benefits program provides an interesting way to offer compensation to your employees without increasing their taxable salary.

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefits Plan Benefits

Businesses can provide a lot of benefits to their employees by setting up an Ottawa-Gatineau group benefit plan. Such benefits are listed below:

  1. Life Insurance and Spousal/Dependant Coverage
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  3. Prescription Drug Coverage
  4. Paramedical Coverage (Chiropractors, Therapists, etc.)
  5. Group Pension Plans
  6. Group RRSP Plans
  7. Short Term Disability
  8. Long Term Disability
  9. Extended Healthcare/Visioncare
  10. Dental Coverage
  11. Out-Of-Country Emergency Medical (Travel)
  12. Critical Illness Insurance

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefits Plan Package

Setting up an Ottawa-Gatineau employee benefits program that would benefit your business and also your employees requires the service of an experienced professional. In some cases, the process may become complex and you might even have issues of growing liabilities and steep cost. You don’t want that, do you? That is why you need an experienced professional.

Moreover, a broker or a benefits consultant may help you to obtain relevant data and expert guidance that would guarantee the best result in your benefits investment. The professional will be paid by the insurance company and therefore will be willing to offer you the service at a minimal or no cost at all.

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefits Plan Savings

When designing the Ottawa-Gatineau employee benefits program, it is highly desirable to reduce or save cost. Interestingly, employers take advantage of various cost-saving strategies to ensure that they reduce long-term costs. These include the following:

  1. Reducing carry-over of unused sick days.
  2. Placing a limit on the coverage.
  3. Sharing the cost of the premium between the company and the employee.
  4. Including deductibles into the coverage.
  5. Considering the level of insurance and co-insurance.

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan News

Hydro Ottawa has been recognized as a top National Capital Region employer for ten years. Some of the factors responsible for these recognitions include its awesome company culture and also its emphasis on employee engagement. For so many years, the company has demonstrated that development, community and the value of its diverse workforce have made it a top candidate for the top position.

Bryce Conrad, President and Chief Executive of Hydro Ottawa said that one of the highest achievements of the company is its decade as a Top Employer. The company’s innovative and diverse workforce has moved it in new directions. He also added that their business line is growing and that they are offering powerful solutions in fields like renewable energy and infrastructure management. Bryce pointed out that their employees have been their greatest asset and it has been the single most important factor in their ten years of winning.

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Ottawa-Gatineau Group Benefit Plan FAQ

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