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La Capitale Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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Do you want to continue attracting the best employees in your organization? You need a robust employee benefits program that has the features that suit your organization. La Capitale employee benefit program is one of such benefits programs. It is designed with features that can be customized to suit any kind of organization and business.

With La Capitale employee benefit program, you can provide safety and security to your employees, while still saving a lot of costs for your business. Several coverage options are provided by La Capitale Groupe to cover the employees and their family members in all aspect.

By providing the group benefits plan, you can ensure that your employees will be dedicated and focused on your business.  Furthermore, La Capitale employee benefit plan may come handy in providing the needed employee satisfaction. No doubts, employee satisfaction is the missing link in most organization. Employees do not give their best when they are not satisfied. However, satisfied employees can even work extra hours and go extra miles to make sure that the business succeeds.

You can also customize La Capitale employee benefit plan in such a way that the employee can maintain their coverage even after leaving your organization or after retirement.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

La Capitale Groupe offers a lot of insurance products in its group insurance. The coverage includes chronic conditions, workplace health and wellness program, employee assistance coverage, and manager assistance.

You can take advantage of health insurance, disability insurance, dental and vision care, travel insurance, and group life insurance.

The group life insurance includes basic life insurance option, optional life insurance option, and dependents’ life insurance option. You can also take advantage of the accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and legal access insurance.

Employee assistance is an awesome feature offered in the group benefits. It provides 3 hours of parenting support, assistance with searches for residential care, help for children with a learning disorder, a guideline for making lifestyle changes, telephone consultation for legal or financial issues, and 12 hours of counseling in person, by phone or through a secure internet.

Furthermore, the VIVA workplace health and wellness program also provides interesting features such as coverage for chronic conditions, management paths and so forth. In a nutshell, La Capitale employee benefit package provides a comprehensive solution for every organization.

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Employee Benefit News

La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Google Cloud. The agreement is aimed at speeding up its innovation strategy and offering original, high-performing and secure solutions supported with cutting-edge advancements which include voice recognition, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

The agreement with Google Cloud will help La Capitale to position itself as an industry leader in the digital age. Jean St-Gelais, Chairman of the Board and CEO of La Capitale said that insurers are forced to make an important choice in relation to their competitors due to the rapid development of financial technology and the challenges associated with the digital revolution.

St-Gelais added that La Capitale is choosing to commit to innovation in order to offer their clients a singular experience and distinctive products and services.

According to St-Gelais, La Capitale had an opportunity due to its 2017 fiscal policy to carry out several experiments that made it prioritize important projects for 2018. He added that the clients will benefit from these efforts and other promising initiatives are in process to improve clients’ experiences in every platform. La Capitale will be able to bring innovative solutions to the market, thanks to their agreement with Google.

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