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Assumption Life Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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A lot of studies focused on business growth have singled out employee satisfaction as one of the most important factors organizations need to consider today. Interestingly, several insurance providers in Canada offer employee benefits programs. The employee or group benefits plan you choose for your organization goes a long way to determine how satisfied your customers will be and how dedicated they will be on your business.

This is where Assumption Life employee benefit plan comes in. With the group benefits plan offered by Assumption Life, you will not just ensure that your employees are satisfied but you will be able to give them peace of mind and security.

Assumption Life employee benefit plan is suitable for your organization no matter its size or your group insurance needs. Also, with Assumption Life, you can easily set up your team’s employee benefits program in a breeze and the claims process provides additional convenience and ease to your employees.

Assumption Life’s plan can help you to retain the best quality employees and while providing security to your employees and their family. With the employee benefits plan, you will not only be able to protect your employees but you will be protecting your organization also.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

Group benefit plans are designed to protect your employees and their loved ones against unexpected occurrences such as medical emergencies. With Assumption Life employee benefit plan, you will have the flexibility you require to choose the best solution for your workers.

Assumption Life offers a plethora of options and features in its group benefit plan. These include group health coverage, group dental coverage, group life insurance, group disability insurance, and critical illness insurance.

The Assumption Life group health coverage covers health insurance, drug plan, vision coverage, travel insurance, hospitalization coverage, and the Novus Health Second Medical Opinion.

The group dental coverage covers dental coverage and cost plus. Cost Plus applies to every health and dental expense that goes beyond the limits outlined in the Benefits Summary and not covered by the group plan.

The Assumption Life group life insurance covers life insurance, dependent life insurance (such as spouse and children), optional life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

The group disability insurance covers long-term disability, short-term disability, employee assistance program, critical illness insurance, and rehabilitation program.

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Employee Benefit News

Following the retirement of Andre Vincent, Assumption Life appointed Sébastien Dupuis as president and chief executive officer. Until Vincent officially retires on June 30, 2019, he will assume the role of senior advisor to Dupuis.

Dupuis has worked for 17 years in Assumption Life. He has held several roles which include director of finance, chief risk officer, vice-president and chief financial officer.

In a news release, Dupuis stated that Assumption Life has had a special place in his heart since 2001 so it is an honor for him to enter the new chapter in his career with the company. He further expressed his thanks to Mr. Vincent for his exceptional work over the past six years and he looks further to benefiting from him as a senior advisor until he retires.

Vincent has been the president and CEO since 2013 and played a vital role in the company’s digital transformation. Vincent said he is proud of their accomplishment and the company’s recent course. He added that the company is in good health and that he is leaving it in the good hands of a strong and qualified CEO, management team and employees who are ready to make sure that the company is further developed and continue for years.

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