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The Disability Insurance You Need Against Injury

Accidents and injuries can result in a total or partial disability. When a disability occurs, you may not be able to work or perform some basic functions at work. This will affect your earning and your standard of living. Edge’s disability insurance is designed to protect you against such a menace. It pays you a monthly benefit if you survive the waiting period for the period of time you are disabled up to a maximum time limit as allowed by the policy. In the event of a partial disability, disability insurance will pay you 50% of the benefit amount for a period of 180 days. During your disability period, the coverage does not require you to pay any premium. The eligible age for enrolling in this plan is from 18 to 69. However, the plan covers the insured up to age 75. The benefits of this plan are payable to age 70.

Top Features and Benefits

Income protection – injury plan offers a waiver of premium when disabled but benefits will still be paid. Some other benefits of this plan include the return to work assistance benefit and accidental medical reimbursement benefit. The benefit amount paid will be less than your Qualifying Insurance Monthly Earning (QIME) or the benefit amount purchased.

  • The plan covers for both total and partial disability and is aimed at helping you to recover your independence.
  • Benefits paid are a percentage of your income. The amount of income you make and how you make it will determine the amount of benefit you will be paid. This is determined by your Qualifying Insurance Monthly Earning (QIME) when you are disabled.
  • For partial disability, the insured will be paid 50% of the benefit amount up to 180 days.
  • Your premium will be waived while you are disabled but your income protection plan still continues.
  • You can enjoy further benefits that come with this plan such as return to work assistance benefit, and accident medical reimbursement benefit.



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