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Accidents usually result to fracture. Although a fracture may not make you completely disabled and unable to work, Edge provides a seamless insurance coverage to help you make claims when you have a fracture. You don’t even need a proof of income to make a claim here. It will interest you to note that nearly half of the Edge Benefit’s injury claims are on fractures. Fracture insurance provides you a tax-free lump sum to take care of yourself and recover fast in the event of a fracture. Interestingly, the plan covers you no matter where in the world you had the accident and no matter the nature of the accident resulting in the fracture. Furthermore, the coverage is for individuals between age 18 and 64 (both inclusive) and it covers you to age 70.

Features and Overview

A plethora of fractures is covered in the Edge’s fracture insurance plan. These include depressed skull, jawbone, spine, kneecap, pelvis, ankle, wrist, shoulder blade sacrum, sternum and so forth. The plan covers up to $6,000 for the primary plan and up to $12,000 for the base plan. These depend on the fracture involved.

  • Fracture insurance is unlike disability coverage, you are not required to be unable to work in order to make a claim and you don’t even need a proof of income as well.
  • The coverage will pay you a tax-free lump sum in the event of fracture.
  • You can make a claim if you sustain a fracture from an accident anywhere in the world and anytime.
  • The plan is for individuals between ages 18 and 64 (both inclusive) and it covers up to age 70.
  • Several fractures are covered by the plan. These include depressed skull, spine, jawbone, pelvis, upper leg, knee cap, wrist, lower leg, sacrum/coccyx, forearm, collar bone, nose, ankle and so forth.
  • Edge has estimated weeks of recovery, primary and base plan for each of the fractures listed in the policy.
  • You will receive the amount listed in the policy for the first eligible claim. If you sustain a fracture in the same bone and the same place, you will only receive 50% of the amount.



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