How to Find Bank of Montreal Routing, Transit, and Cheque Numbers

Posted on May 25, 2021

As of 2019, Canada had over 5,800 bank branches, which means there are that many routing numbers. If you have an account with the Bank of Montreal, knowing your BMO routing number will come in handy.

Not only can it help distinguish your bank account, but it can help you send and receive money. Then, you can make sure you have the money you need.

Keep reading to learn how to find your routing number and other information.

How to Find Your BMO Routing Number

BMO Routing Number

Your Bank of Montreal routing number is useful for many things related to your bank account. Whether you need to set up direct deposit or autopay for bills, the number is important.

The routing number is a combination of your BMO bank transit number and institution number. Your institution number is the same for any BMO bank account. However, the transit number and routing number can vary.

Even if you know someone with a BMO account, they may have a slightly different routing number. Consider where you can find the number for your account.

Your Cheques

The first place to look for the routing number BMO gives you is on your cheques. If you have a cheque, you should see a line of numbers at the bottom, which is the MICR line.

This line contains the important numbers to help route your cheque properly. Your routing number will be nine digits long, and it will start with a 0.

A nine-digit routing number will look something like this:


In that case, your routing number will include the 0, the institution number, and the BMO branch transit number. However, you may have an eight-digit number, which looks like:


It contains the same information, but it puts the BMO transit number on a cheque before the institution number.

Your Online Account

If you use online banking, that's another great place to find your BMO routing number. You can log into your account at any time and view the details of each of your bank accounts.

It should tell you the routing number, and you can use that for payments or save it until you need the number. Using online banking is a great option if you don't use cheques or you've run out of them.

Your Bank Branch

Another way you can obtain your Bank of Montreal routing number is by looking up your bank branch. There's a list of every bank in Canada, and the list includes the routing numbers for each branch of each bank.

If you know the address of the branch where you opened the account, you can use that. For example, consider someone who opens an account at the branch at:

Montreal (Succ. Principale), 119 rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC H2Y 1L6

Their routing number would be 000100011 or 00011-001, depending on the format. BMO transit numbers differ for each branch, so you should consult the branch for that particular account, especially if you've gone to multiple branches.

Why The Routing Number Is Important?

Your BMO routing number is important for a few reasons. For one, it signifies where you opened that particular BMO account. It also helps route money correctly whether you need to pay someone or receive a payment.

If you don't know your BMO routing number, you may be able to make and receive payments. However, it might take longer for you to obtain your routing number.

Without the correct number, you won't be able to transfer money at all. Consider a couple of types of payments that might need your BMO routing number.

One-Time Payments

If you need to make a one-time payment online or over the phone, you may need your routing number. That way, the company you pay can withdraw the money from the correct account.

Similarly, you may need to give your routing number to someone who wants to pay you once. If they don't have a cheque to write, they can set up a wire transfer using your bank information.

And come tax time, your routing number can help the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) process your tax return and send you a refund.

Recurring Payments

On the one hand, you can use your routing number to set up automatic withdrawals for bills or subscriptions. It can be hard to remember to pay each bill, so automatic payments are convenient for many people.

If you need to set up direct deposit for work or a side hustle you have, you'll also need your BMO routing number. This will help you receive payments on time and consistently.

Any time you might want to set up a recurring payment, be sure to find your routing number. Then, you can make sure you have everything to help the transactions process smoothly.

How to Find Your BMO Transit Number

Another crucial number to know is your BMO cheque transit number. While it's a part of your routing number, it varies based on the branch where you opened the account.

If you have multiple BMO accounts, they may have different transit numbers. That can be common for people who move around Canada a lot.

Consider how you can find the transit number for each BMO account.

Your Cheques

As with your routing number, you can find your BMO transit number on cheque books and individual cheques. Along with other BMO cheque numbers, the transit number will be part of the MICR line.

You'll need to find the routing number, whether it uses eight or nine digits. If there are eight digits, the transit number with be the first five digits. On the other hand, it will be the last five digits of a nine-digit routing number.

You can void a cheque to keep on hand for whenever you need this number. Then, you won't need to worry about running out of cheques or having to search elsewhere.

Your Online Account

As with your BMO routing number, you can find BMO transit numbers using your online account. Log into your account and view each bank account to find their respective transit numbers.

Knowing your transit number can help you differentiate between accounts you open at different branches. When comparing BMO bank statement codes, you can make sure you know which account is which.

Your Bank Branch

You can use the same list as with the BMO routing number to find your BMO cheque transit number. However, you will need to know the address of the branch where you opened the account.

Then, you can go back into the list of banks and branches. Find the address in question, and you can note the routing number.

Look for the five digits that change from branch to branch. That way, you can separate them from the institution number, which is the other part of the overall routing number.

Why The Transit Number Is Important?

Finding your transit number can help you determine where you opened a particular account. It also comes in handy when setting up automatic payments or ordering new cheques.

The reasons why you should find your transit number are the same as for the BMO routing number. While the numbers are slightly different, they both serve a purpose for banking.

However, you can use your transit number to locate the branch for each account. Perhaps you want to visit with the person who helped open the account, or you want to only use the same branch.

If you have a cheque or access to online banking, you can use that to find the transit number. Then, you can use a list of branches or contact BMO to locate the branch in question.

How to Find Your BMO Branch Number

Your BMO branch number is the same as your transit number, so you can find it using the same methods. Whether you look at the bottom of a cheque or log into your online account, you can find it in multiple ways.

If you use a cheque, you'll need to find the routing number at the bottom and determine the format. Then, you can extract the transit number from your routing number.

When using your online account, you can find a list of numbers. And if those aren't an option, you can use the list of branches to find your transit number.

If nothing else works, contact BMO directly. They can help you figure out the branch number using your personal information and account number if you know it.

Why The Branch Number Is Important?

Because BMO transit numbers and branch numbers are the same, the benefits of them are identical. You can use the branch number to determine where you opened an account or to set up payments.

Then, you can make sure you route money correctly, whether it comes in or out from your account. And you won't have to worry about not receiving a payment you need for bills or expenses.

Know Your Bank Numbers

Knowing your BMO routing number can help you send and receive payments. Without the number, you can still use your account, but it will be more difficult.

Your transit or branch number is useful for the same things, and it's part of the routing number. Whether you decide to use a cheque or the internet, there are multiple ways to find your Bank of Montreal routing number.

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